Jul 15, 2021

Shannon Watts upset that “non-white men” are starting to exercise their 2A rights

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Wow. Just wow. What a racist statement by the founder of the gun grabbing group Moms Demand Action. Apparently, it’s “irresponsible“ to highlight facts about new gun owners and that the largest makeup of them are African Americans. No words, other than this is quite possibly the most negative racially motivated thing we have caught her saying (other than this).

Edit: here’s the article Watts is seething over. As you can see, her base (her targeted audience) is waking up to the importance of the 2A:


Fits the pattern though, as Everytown (parent organization to Shannon’s org Moms Demands Action) seems to have a systemic racism problem at their HQ. Take a look:


Watts in her tweet is letting her frustration out on the fact her cause (gun control) is fading and that every day brings new gun owners to the scene, in which non-whites make up the largest demographic. With her frustration, you get a peek into the mind of how these people really feel and what their real goals are. People moving away from their plantation gets them mad.

Whether you like him or not, Malcolm X was right about people like Watts. Watch the below video, and then click the link to see what her organization did to use an African American gun rights group:

Oh, and don’t you dare post on that Watts tweet and call her out, minorities. She’ll (or her Moms Demand Action groupies) report you.......

And YEP!

Shannon should just stick to doing what she does “best”: harassing minorities that don’t go with the flow of her neoliberal political mindset. Then again, she’s been doing that for some time and isn’t hiding her feelings anymore.....