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A Little Refresh

My Ace... who is obsessed with Mickey... so we became MICKEY! #MOMLIFE

Being a Woman... a Mom... a PROActivist... an Outspoken Constitutionalist & PRO Gunner... I've gotten a ton of backlash. Yes. The Anti-Gun crowd loves to keep me on my toes, but the most critical of my little goodies have been other Pro Gunners.

Anytime The Left comes out with a new gimmick, and I suggest a counteractive approach, LAWD HAMMERCY!!!



I'm on THE 2A SIDE, ok!?! #DontBeAFUDD

"She needs to hush up and stop pushing all that nonsense. The Constitution protects us!"
"Stop telling men to stand back and let women handle it! That's dividing us!"
"Your rants only pay attention to the propaganda tricks, you don't know what you're talking about! Go knit a sweater!"
"Support Trump or you're nothing but Fake MAGA!!"

At least Anti-Gun folks keep it simple.

They either tell me I hate babies or I'm not a Christian. LOL!

Jesus & Me. No Filter. Lipstick is by Physicians Formula in PF10020. Its the bomb!

So, let me re-introduce myself. My name is Jill. I'm a WOMAN (biologically). The WIFE of a USAF Vet. I am a MOTHER to a sweet, mischievous, funny little BOY. I am the daughter of a Police Officer/ FBI Affiliate (deceased) father and a Medical/ Business Professional/ Musician "Ma." My father was also the son of poor Southern Virginia Farmers, who's roots go deep into the Confederacy and whatnot. All my Granddaddies fought in the military. My dad and older brother are former Army. I have a kid sister that is an RN, who's traveled the world opening Heart/ Cath Clinics. (Check out Madaktari! She was part of that awesome venture)

What else... hmm? I've been shooting since I was little. I can shoot the nuts off a fly. I have a studied background in Religion & Philosophy, as well as Business Management & Psychology.

I've ran dine-in restaurants for most of my life. I used to bartend and can make an awesome Gimlet. I also worked in advertising/ PR as well, through a local newspaper/ shopper and held an editorial/ managerial role for a NEA Kids Paper, too. Now, I work in for an international forestry management/ real estate broker, who also has a well drilling ministry in the works. (Far from hating kids and not keeping it Christian, huh? LOL!) I like to write, and have a little b/g in Journalism & Criminal Psychology. (College was fun)

That's pretty much my resume/ background, so you people will understand that I'm not ranting on this site just to do it. I come from a very strong background of know-hows and whos, and this is something I am very passionate about. I study it daily... SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

Shannon Watts (Moms Demand Action) & Michael Bloomberg (Everytown)

So, if you know anything about these Gun Control Groups that run the media, you need to understand, they're pros at advertising. (Michael Bloomberg [Everytown] owns several media outlets and Shannon Watts [Moms Demand] is a former PR Manager.)

I (and other PRO-2A Women/ Mothers like me) are the Gun Grabbing Left's BIGGEST ENEMY. Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America, Everytown For Gun Safety, March For Our Lives, Gifford's, etc.. ARE AFRAID OF WOMEN LIKE ME! We stand for our beliefs and value our rights as WOMEN... WIVES... & MOTHERS.

It doesn't matter our skin color. It doesn't matter our status quo. What matters is that WE, PRO 2A WOMEN... WIVES... AND MOTHERS need support. #DontBeCocky In other blog articles, which have gotten me a LOT of criticism, I've called for Pro 2A Men to EMPOWER us, Pro 2A Women. Its not asking you to stand down or stop fighting for your rights. We are not asking you to stop being a role model and masculine presence in the home either.

Its asking you Pro 2A Men to motivate your Pro 2A Women to put their WHYS out there.

Why do you PRO 2A Women support the Constitutional Right To Bear Arms? What does it mean for you personally? What does it mean for your family?

August 5th, 2019, President Trump called for the installment of Red Flag Laws throughout the Nation, in wake of the recent tragedies in Gilroy, CA, El Paso, TX, & Dayton, OH. Young men with mental issues, who took it upon themselves to take the lives of others. Red Flag Laws have been a major push from ANTI-GUN WOMEN, WIVES, & MOMS for a long time. The enforcement for these now, especially coming from our "Constitution Supporting" President, is a kick in the gut- on top of the bumpstock and silencer bans.

Just small little etchings out of our 2nd Amendment Right.

Again, I will tell you. These are Gateway Bans. Just like a Gateway Drug, it will open up avenues for more and more Gun Control measures to be prominent in the future. These Gun Grabbing groups are going to use every method within a civil rights movement playbook to go at it too.

Can you hear me now? #ShallNotBeInfringed

FACT: Pro 2A Women are the #1 Enemy of Gun Grabbers. (This quote has not been confirmed as an actual Feinstein quote... but... it sure fits their narrative.)


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