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A new approach to fight back against Moms Demand Action activists that become politicians

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Update 4/7/21: Scroll to bottom after reading this. This applies to the guy Biden just nominated to run the ATF

So, here’s a little government ethics law (federal, but individual states will have similar) that could come in handy:

How you ask? Have you noticed how Moms Demand Action/Everytown are really publicizing how their members are running for office and getting elected? Here’s an example from 4/1/21:

We are going to focus on her for sake of conversation:

From her campaign page:

So she admits that she is the CURRENT chapter lead and she’s running for a local office. Moms Demand Action is “run” by the Everytown For Gun Safety Action/Support Fund:

The Action Fund is a 501(C)4 nonprofit organization:

Now, if these politicians (or prospective politicians) do ANYTHING that benefits Everytown/Moms Demand Action as an organization (such as, while in office, promoting Wear Orange/Gun Violence Awareness Day or BeSMART), you can file an ethics complaint against them.

For Wear Orange, scroll down and see all the citie/towns that are partners in alphabetical order (most have government proclamations in support of this):


You could potentially even file complaints against politicians with whom their first order of business once elected is to introduce legislation to would obviously benefit their former group:

Now gee, what info would be available at all DMV’s and would doctors be required to distribute? I wonder. Perhaps along the lines of these?.....

Keep an eye on these “gun sense” candidates that are also Moms Demand Action leaders and members. It’s time to start watching their ethics and file complaints if needed......

Note: be extra careful about BeSMART-

They especially like to use their school board pals (elected officials) to get this crap into public schools.

UPDATE 4/7/21: Applies to this perfectly, as the guy who was just nominated to run the ATF is currently a lobbyist for Giffords.


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