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Updated: May 20, 2020

Since November 5th, 2019, the nation has watched Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia and the VA Gun Control Politicians work tirelessly to eradicate the Gun Rights of Virginians by taking aim at grassroots efforts of Gun Owners throughout the state.

Media spins and propaganda tactics calling Virginia's Gun Owners, "extremists," "killers," "white supremacists," and "domestic terrorists" to sway the public away from the actual truth of Virginia's so-called "Gun Problem." Virginia being the 11th SAFEST STATE in the nation, with "Gun Violence" being at the BOTTOM of their list of issues, why all of the outrage and push of Gun Control from these politicians?

Its safe to say, as multi- Billionaire, Gun Control Lobbyist and Former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg makes his way into his 2020 candidacy for President, it's definitely more of a "money & power problem" for Ralph Northam and friends.

Note: Bloomberg and even the VA Democrats once called for Northam's resignation.


For over 18 years the Virginia Citizen's Defense League (VCDL) has been successfully lobbying for the Gun Rights of Virginians on a grassroots level. As politicians in Richmond set forth to push unconstitutional laws- that infringe on Virginian's Gun Rights after the November 2019 election, the VCDL immediately took the lead in setting the record straight, where these politicians claim that the majority of Virginians voted for more Gun Control. Dubbed "Second Amendment Sanctuaries," guided by the VCDL, Constitutional Strongholds have taken over the majority of counties and cities throughout Virginia- where council members, Sheriffs and other law offices vow to NOT uphold any unconstitutional law that infringes on Virginian's rights to self protection and preservation.

Northam and friends pushed back on January 13th, 2020, by passing Gun Control bills that would lead to future confiscations of firearms. These bills, including the most recent one that instills Red Flag Laws throughout the Commonwealth- would also restrict and limit Virginian's abilities to properly and effectively defend themselves.

Because of this reality, on Monday, January 20th, 2020, close to 100,000 Gun Toting Americans stormed the VA Capital in Richmond in PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY- where many willingly disarmed to walk onto THEIR Capital Grounds- with one clear message to Governor Northam and his cohorts... WHO WERE NOT EVEN THERE!

It wasn't just a message that Virginians will not comply with VA's Gun Control Politicians laws. That message was already clear... DAYS before the rally... when Northam installed his gates and fences... WALLS... around the Capital Grounds as he proclaimed a State of Emergency before the Lobby Day events. He knows that Virginians who value their freedoms and liberty will not kneel to his unconstitutional policies.

We've heard this message before, but many, like our VA Politicians, have forgotten it. It was a message that America's first permanent colonists sent the rest of the world in 1607, when they ventured into new territory, and settled in an unfamiliar land to establish Jamestown, Virginia- to escape religious persecutions in England. And over a 160 years later, its the same message that Virginia's Patriots sent back to their oppressors in Great Britain during the Revolutionary War- when Great Britain's ruler couldn't handle not having control over the colonists here in America. Those colonists who included our nation's Founding Fathers.

… in March of 1775, Chevalier Renaud Boccolari—whose own homeland of France would see a massive anti-monarchical uprising just over a decade later—wrote to peers from Modena, Italy, warning of the awful despotism [of the English king]” and the “crowd of blind and ugly [people] with whom he has shared his unjust power for some time.
We still find among us souls who are sensitive to freedom, souls that have not been swallowed by the insulting dominion of priests, the barbarous constriction of the inquisition and the blind, despotic monarchy,” he wrote. But, he felt “every free country should be alarmed” that “in this century everything is tending towards the most illegitimate despotism.” per TIME's article on American Indepenence.

Many of the laws that King George III aimed to pass along to the American Colonies are not much different than what we are seeing today from VA Governor Ralph Northam and those that support him. The laws of King George III were to set forth a way to give him dominance over "his" kingdom across the sea- where heavy taxation led to his total control of homesteads and individual liberties.

The newfound Americans had had ENOUGH!

On April 19, 1775, the Americans took measures into their own hands to declare their Independence from the rule of tyranny. They gathered their firearms and other weapons of defense; and every able bodied male came together and formed a MILITIA OF COLONISTS- to go up against the armies of men that King George III would send to FORCE them to take a knee under his CONTROL.


Were our Founding Father's "terrorists" as they stood up against oppressive rulers?

Were they "extremists" because they valued Liberty and Freedom from oppression?

Apparently they were to the British, but aren’t you glad they stood up to the crown and won?


Every year, on July 4th, Americans take part in celebrating the birthday of The United States of America. A day where fireworks and barbeques unite friends and communities, but back on July 4th, 1776, during the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the day held a deeper meaning- a meaning that would lead to the foundation of the country we know today. A country where men and their families defined what it takes to overcome tyranny. Where many took up arms to defend their freedoms, which led to the drafting of the United States Constitution- which outlined HOW government leaders in this New World were to lead, as well as GUARANTEED protection of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. Those same rights that the early colonists exercised prior, by taking up arms and defending their inalienable right of self protection and self preservation from harmful attempts of control from radical leaders. They didn't do it for a single day of of peace. They didn't do it for a month or during their specific lifetime.

THEY DID IT FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS- so we would NOT live through the devastation and abuse they endured.


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