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All good things must come to an end: the March For Our Lives’ hijacked closed group is gone

Updated: May 20, 2020

I went to go check in on the Shenanigans in the MFOL closed FB group that was hijacked by pro-2A people (articles on that here and here), and I was disappointed that the Facebook has killed off the group. On one hand, it’s awesome that the years worth of posts and work that went into it are gone (poor gun grabbers). On the other hand, it was great seeing the salt flow from the real members.

I came across this response today on MFOL’s main FB page (not the members’ only group that was hijacked):

This was one of the responses:

Sure enough, I managed to grab a screenshot from a post in the group in which this person replied. Whether you find this post vulgar or not, the goal here was NOT to win the “hearts & minds” of these anti-freedom extremists. it was to attack, confuse, upset. It worked, obliviously, and their little private “safe space“ is no more.

A few more goodies from the now vanished closed group:

Some of the more “proper” 2A folks might be appalled and disgusted by some of the stuff here, but they need to realize that this group was private and “members only”. You need to be approved and vetted to join. The original members were true believers in the civilian disarmament movement, not just casual folks who thought they were “protecting people while supporting the 2A” or something other BS. An example of that is here:

In conclusion, this little sabotage effort did a few things

-Proved that not all members in their closed groups are who they say they are.

-Is now causing suspicion of people trying to join other closed groups.

-Made MFOL look like a complete joke.

-Woke up the “normies” and made them realize that their opponents are everywhere and they’re truly never in a ”safe space” (wish they’d feel that way about personal protection).

This is one of the many battlefields of the 21st century and whether some people on team 2A like it or not, this is a prime example on how to “take down” some of our opponents capabilities on social media. The antis do it to us (spy, infiltrate, etc) so there’s no shame in doing it to them. They (antis) just got an entire group erased this time (along with all of the group photos uploaded over the past 2 years) lol. Remember, these extremists are after our rights and want to criminalize us for legal weapons that we own (or make us pay fees to register them, which is confiscation down the road). Forget their feelings, they obviously don’t care about ours and think we‘re all potential mass shooters because we legally own an AR-15.


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