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All police dispatchers are laid off in one of Chicago’s poorest suburbs

As Fox 32 reports, all Harvey police department dispatchers have been laid off.

Here’s some background on Harvey, Illinois:

-Murders are on the rise, and in 2019, had the 2nd highest amount of murders (with Chicago being first). A factor to this last year was cuts to the police department.

-The crime rate in Harvey is higher than 97.6% of other US cities.

-Corruption is rampant with city officials. The feds even got involved recently. Even some police officers are involved.

-Over 70% of the residents are African American.

Here’s a brief tour of downtown Harvey from 2017:

Poverty, corruption, and extremely high crime. How is taking away police dispatchers going to hell the residents? Sure, it’ll be outsourced to save $, but why not keep the people that know the area on the job and cut elsewhere? With over 70% of the population being African American, this decision amplifies that money is more important than the lives of the residents who are in need of immediate emergency response. Not living up to your slogan, Mayor Clark (and yikes, check this out):


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