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Ammo coding bill in New York. They better watch out for “wacky” Matt Harrington!!

It was brought to my attention from an ally with IGOT (Illinois Gun Owners Together, a fantastic group btw) that New York now has an ammo coding bill filed in their General Assembly. Basically, ammo will need to be serialized, will be tracked, and the bill will create a special fund in order to get it all done. I know one guy that‘s salivating over this potential opportunity: “Dr.” Matt Harrington.

Matt is the CEO of Ammo Coding Systems, which would be be responsible for coding ammo via software (pretty sure he’s stated the technology isn’t perfected yet as well). Matt has submitted his ammo coding proposals to the New Zealand government, so wacky Matt is trying to go international.

But why the nickname “wacky Matt”? Sure, his idea is about as brilliant as a screen door on a submarine (like bad guys wouldn’t use non-coded ammo), but this “Dr.” is pretty unstable. We actually covered one of his meltdown’s last year. Someone disagreed with him on Facebook and he threatened to send police after them! We did a whole story about it.

What a nice guy, right? Well that‘t not the first time wacky Matt went on a rampage. He was brilliant enough to leave threatening voicemails on a political opponent’s answering machine as well (you gotta listen to these). After our article made the rounds, wacky Matt thought we were the NRA doing a hit piece on him (cuz you know, everyone who doesn’t like gun control must be the NRA):

So a quick heads up to New Yorkers. If wacky Matt shows up trying to shill for a contract or something if the bill passes, now you know more about him.

This is a gem right here.


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