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An Open Letter To ALL 2A Defenders

As we approach Monday, January 20th, 2020- Lobby Day for Gun Rights in Virginia, the majority of us Good Hearted Gun Owners are looking for peace in the midst of all the controversy.

Where many Gun Control groups have labeled us "Extremists" in the media, one would be wary about other groups who have been seen as antagonists in society joining our ranks.

Let's remember: Propaganda works in layers. Where an article of truth once stood, those who know how to work the media to drive focus will push twisted variations of that truth to get to a new focal point. A layering of headlines- the truth being on the bottom, falling deep in page numbers during a Google Search.

"A man who saved many lives with gun," over time turns to something more sinister, "A white man with a knowledge of "assault weapons" kills armed man in front of church parishioners during a Sunday morning service." (these are just examples of how propagandists work)


A recent article has surfaced on the Anti-Fascist group, Antifa, who says they will be joining in with the Lobby Day protests on January 20th, 2020 in Richmond, VA. With past controversies surrounding this group and others of the like, let's make something very clear to the public: the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms and to hold a tyrannical government accountable, IS THE RIGHT OF ALL AMERICANS. It really is NOT a political concept. Instead, its one of the many "rules" as to what Government should follow in order to build their politics. Not only is January 20th, 2020 a day to Lobby Against these tyrants within Virginia's state government, it is also a day to educate one another, and the world, why the Constitution is so important and why we must protect it.

Contrary to the majority of what Gun Control groups and certain media outlets say, being a Gun Rights or 2nd Amendment Activist does NOT mean that we condone violence. We are NOT extremists. We are not "MAGAts," nor are we "DemonRats."


Granted there are some EVIL and WICKED people in this world that take advantage of certain group foundations, the majority of us who fight to uphold the 2nd Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms, actually work hard to repel violent attempts. That's WHY we carry and WHY WE fight so hard for the Right of ALL AMERICANS to be able to protect themselves from those evil and wicked people in this world.

The cops can't catch them all... right?

Though we may all differ in political stances, I am asking for ALL 2A Defenders of America to cast aside your politics for this day. Let us welcome those from all walks of life; who have a clear understanding of the Constitution, what the 2nd Amendment stands for, as well as who want to help us hold Virginia's tyrants accountable. We need each other in this fight. This fight will send not only a message to VA's Tyrants that we are not letting them make us victims, but it will also send a clear message that we are willing to ignore our differences and UNITE for a bigger purpose, that affects us all.

So, ALL 2nd Amendment Defenders, Gun Rights Activists... CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS - NO MATTER YOUR "GROUP"- I beg of you to come in peace. Come ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with your once deemed adversary as we find common ground to fight against an evil much bigger than our political conflict- and that's Virginia's Tyrants... aka... Criminals to the Constitution.


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