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Open Letter to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

Greetings Representative Boebert,

Congratulations on your election and swearing in. I applaud you on your future efforts to represent those constituents who elected you. I also wanted to remind you that although your focus should be on Colorado, your presence in the Capitol reaches far across state lines.

I saw your tweet regarding the 21 Democrats who penned a letter to the Speaker of the House in an attempt to keep you from exercising your constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. While I understand that your counter in which 82 of your newly gained colleagues helps to send the signal that the Second Amendment must be safeguarded; the words you choose to utilize represented only your own personal freedom. For that, I take offense. Considering that your campaign focused on a platform of supporting the 2A, I question the need for your first action as a Congresswoman to request to exercise a right that you already have guaranteed to you? Would you not consider your course of action to feel obligated to pen a letter requesting to exercise a right outside the confines of the Constitution---or at least agree that the legislative actions that have already stricken the rights OF THE PEOPLE to exercise their 2A rights in OUR Nation’s capital as being a direct violations of OUR RIGHTS? Per your words while campaigning, I believe that you would.

If we can agree that YOU already have the Constitutional right to choose why, how, when, where you exercise your personal choice on how best to protect your life or liberty, or that of your family, why then would you find it necessary to feed into the politicized games played inside of Congress; on day one? Ok, you drafted a letter which focused on YOUR RIGHT---what is your plan on drafting legislation towards removing all restrictions from law-abiding citizens of the United States from exercising the same rights you attempt to safeguard for you and your fellow elected representatives?

I know that you being a newly elected representative, you may not be that accustomed to realizing the importance of the language that you use, or the far reaching impacts that they may have given the apparent “spotlight” on anything that you do or say; however, I would be remiss that I did not mention this, as case in point, one of your first tweets as an elected representative conveys the message that you are concerned solely for your rights. While you promotional videos, campaign speeches and verbal pledges towards a failed Presidential candidate got you noticed and ultimately elected; NOW is the time in which you are able to show your true resolve towards support and defense of the Constitution and the rights guaranteed to ALL citizens, not just elected representative; especially for the Second Amendment. I challenge you to bright the same vigor towards the need to be able to defend yourself in Washington D. C. that you demonstrated in your most recent video; as well as bring that same vigor towards removing all obstacles which infringe on the rights of the “REPRESENTED” to do the same.

I certainly hope you will take a moment to address your tweet and the perception of many who draw a conclusion that YOUR rights come before those which you now have an obligation to represent. If you are truly ready to take the stand to fully support the Second Amendment, please know that you have both potential supporters and foes...and it is up to you to decide how best to gain the support that you desire. We the People have been fighting this fight for a very long time---it will be nice to know that another who shares the same vision is ardently working towards the common goal, instead of choosing to focus on herself.


Kerry Slone

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