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AOC a “no” on a major part of the Senate’s gun control proposals?Looks like it

As we have seen, one thing the senate especially wants is to scrutinize juvenile records when it comes to “young” people buying guns. AOC has something to say about that. You be the judge:

Be sure to check out the comments and quote tweets on this. Major disruption in “the force“....

Looks like factions of the Democratic Party and lefty activist groups (gun control and law) are in a little pickle on where they stand....

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
14 jun 2022

It's all makes total sense. AOC is willing to nuke your guns to slag, but don't you dare even glance in the direction of examining the actual juvenile shooters, because then it wouldn't be all the guns' fault. She doesn't want to "criminalize children," yet all the murderers in these cases have been children, so what course is left?

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