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Are you TRULY prepared if “what if” occured?

***NOTE: This is an UNPAID personal testimony. As a survivor and now firearm instructor, I am a passionate believer in having a wholistic personal safety and defense plan.

I write this as a means of encouraging you to consider what happens if “What if” ever occurs.***

Several years ago, I became a victim of both domestic violence from my ex-husband and a failed judicial system. I was physically beaten and left a bloody, emotional mess. I did what it was supposed to do...I called 911 and waited. He was eventually arrested and charged but I felt no safer. While at the Emergency room, my Doctor said “If you have ANY contact with this man again, you are going to die.” I remember those words today as vividly as if I had heard them that morning, and I think about all of the men and women in the same unfortunate situation today. While the immediate threat is usually short lived, it rarely disappears. As my ordeal continued, he was able to negotiate his felony assault charges through a diversion agreement with no DV stipulation. This allowed him to begin stalking me. Looking back over that period of my life, I realized that no one will ever get to me in time if there were to be another violent encounter. I also realized that I needed to make the decision to take responsibility for my own safety and I purchased a firearm. I went through proper training, started concealed carrying daily and became confident in my abilities to defend myself. As part of my training, I often thought about possible scenarios in which I may need to utilize deadly force in the defense of my life. I was confident in my ability, but I was not confident with the after-effects. As the list of unknowns became apparent, I began to ask myself “how do you even begin to find and interview self- defense attorneys? What do you ask them? What will it cost?”. Never having to think about these tough questions made everything incredibly overwhelming. Without answers readily available, I started to recall what a psychological and emotional mess I was when I had been beaten. I couldn’t even think about what to make for dinner, let alone how would I remotely be in the mindset to interview attorneys to defend me? Having never found answers to those questions, I continued to search diligently for solutions. It was not until a few years later that I was introduced to US Law Shield after becoming active in the firearms industry as an advocate and defensive mindset instructor. Once I starting looking deeper into their program, the process seemed so simple. Where had this been my entire firearm owning life? This by far was one of the most brilliant concepts I’d seen in a very long time. As I explored USLS membership, I discovered there are countless benefits to being a member. The most important for me however was the reassurance that all I have to do is make ONE phone call, and my legal defense would start immediately. This alone was the answer to all the unanswered questions that I had and an immediate justification to being a lifetime member. With peace of mind found, I was able to begin sharing both my story of domestic violence as well as becoming a resource to help prevent men and women from having to go through the same struggles. I recently became a firearm instructor; with a focus on training women. Most of my students are women that have never touched a firearm. At the end of every class, we discuss how important it is to protect yourself holistically. I explain that in the unlikely event they ever need to use deadly force to defend themselves, they owe it to themselves to be as prepared as possible to deal not only the immediate threat, but with aftermath as well. In addition to proficiency in your chosen means of self-defense, becoming a member of US Law Shield is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If the time ever came, I want them to be able to focus on recovery, whether it is their mental/physical health or their family, without the added pressure of having to frantically find an experienced attorney to represent them. Just as I hope that I am never in a position to use deadly force to protect myself or my family, I am comforted in the fact that in the even that I do, I am trained, mentally prepared and have the means to defend my actions. Having personally seen the failure of the judicial system, anything that I can do to prevent myself from reliving my past nightmares happen again, and I am glad that US Law Shield will be there with the same goal.

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