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Attention 2A folks: new goofy gun control group to troll has emerged

Due to gun control losing support and the changing demographics of gun ownership (more minorities and women getting aboard the 2A train, oh noooooos, can’t have that happening lol), corporate gun control activists have decided to do a different approach: target kids (brainwashing) and gun culture (by getting someone from the ADL even as a means to possibly classify gun owners as anti-semitic or something wacky like that). Here’s some of their Twitter premier tweets:

Take a look at their website and Google the people involved. Your typical elitist out-of-touch gun grabbing snobs (Nina Vinik also helped create/setup March For Our Lives and was the head gun grabber with the Joyce Foundation):

Their campaign is off to a rough start. They sent out a moronic Tik Tok dance video about why gun control is good and got ratioed so bad that they deleted it lol.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing this group fail miserably because not only is it‘s goals to target the new minority and women gun owners, but also the youth who can see right through this woke BS.


Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer

"Our mission: create a new narrative that guns make us less safe."

The go-to Democrat strategy: if you make up a new story, the world changes to accommodate it. And when it doesn't, just pass laws to force everybody to pretend it did.

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