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AWB question on Illinois ballots in Chicago

Once again, the Democratic machine in Cook County is going to try and use their voter base to speak for the rest of the state and say the “majority of voters in the state support it”:.

The ballot also will include a proposed state constitutional amendment on whether to allow a graduated-rate income tax to replace the currently mandated flat-rate tax, retention of judges and, in Chicago there are three referendum questions on expanding internet service, creating a plan for sustainability and the regulation of “assault weapons.”

They won’t stop this nonsense and now they’ll use this as an excuse (if voters say “yes”) to pass one of the many AWB bills they have on the table and turn hundreds of thousands of IL residents into criminals. Legislators have already threatened gun confiscation in Illinois, as seen below:

To all the new gun owners out there across the country, they (most Democratic politicians and even some Republicans) do want your guns. Vote in November for the most 2A friendly politicians, even if they’re not for the party you associate with.

Heres a bill that‘s still live and had recent activity May of 2020. They’re getting ready......


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