Bearing Your Arms: Part 1

Updated: May 20, 2020

My parents always promoted a sense of self and area awareness in my sibs and I, but I think being the oldest daughter of a Law Enforcement Officer, expectations of me in those instances were a bit higher. My dad was so protective of me that to this day, 18 years after his death, he still has his police officers looking out for me. I mean... he wanted to make sure I was so prepared in life's dire situations, that I could even stop an Extraterrestrial Invasion with a single glance if I had to. Annnnnnd... I can... LOL!

Dear Richard Dean Anderson... *Sigh* ... I love you so much!

He literally trained me to be a little Warrior Princess. I was all the time learning some new method of survival, that at times, I didn't know how to interact normally with my friends without going full on MacGyver in some situations. Duct tape, paper clips, super glue and bobby-pins were a necessity in life, and we had a continuous supply. They were actually a part of our First Aid kits and my dad's tackle box. LOL!

As I got older, I also learned the importance of WD-40, too. It's not just for lubing those squeaky hinges on doors... which I suggest NOT doing. We'll talk more about why in a few.