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Biden’s inauguration is just plain.....odd

Looks like no one is going (security reasons and he’s not as popular as we’re told), so in order to make up for it, the mall will be covered with mini American flags:

President-Elect Joe Biden's Inauguration will undoubtedly look very different from inaugurations past, especially since the core areas of theNational Mall are closed off to attendees. So in their place, Biden's inaugural team has placed 200,000 American flags. "The #fieldofflags is illuminated by 56 pillars of light representing America’s states & territories," Brandon Chaderton, Human Resources Director for the Biden inaugural team tweeted.

At a time when the Capitol is militarized, opponents to Biden are being told they shouldn't be allowed back into society without being humiliated first, lawmakers are saying funding needs to be put in place to de-program the opposition (which in reality is not “white supremacists”, but anyone who is pro-America, regardless of race), and some lawmakers want a military that’s only loyal to the Democratic Party, forgive me if I see this D.C. flag display as a bit third world banana republic-ish because it’s only being done due to the fact no one is going to see China Biden tomorrow. Guess I’ll report to the gulag now. Oh, and 200k little flags.....that’s a lot of un-needed garbage (going to end up in the trash). Thought the Biden admin cared about the environment?

Also, not liking these optics:


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