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Biden... Worth FIGHTING For... ?

“We’re going to have to fight much harder and Mike Pence is going to have to come through for us,” Trump said at one point, alluding to Pence’s ultimate refusal to attempt to steal the election for him during that day’s hearing where the Electoral College made his loss official.
“You’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength. You have to be strong,” he added during the speech in which he pushed long-debunked lies about Joe Biden’s convincing victory over him being the product of fraud.

On January 6th, 2021... numbers reaching millions of Trump supporters showed up on the Capitol steps in Washington D.C., in protest of election fraud for the Save America Rally.

Which ended in a bit of disaster... but prior to such, President Donald J. Trump gave the speech above which was quoted in THIS Vox article.

In the article, Vox condemns Trump's usage of the word "Fight" or "Fighting," and makes the claim that he incited the violence that day. Accusations of such, that the President was antagonizing the masses, in the form of an attempted coup, later turned into Left Wing congressional members pushing MORE articles of impeachment.

Here... we... go... again...

So, if Left Wingers are mad at Trump for using the verbiage "Fight for America," and "We need to keep Fighting," ... which most NORMAL people understand as metaphors and literary expressions... does that mean that we can IMPEACH JOE BIDEN FOR THIS?????

YouTube Link:

Or... how about Kamala Harris, when she quoted the late John Lewis's words from a letter he wrote, during her victory speech?

On Saturday night, after Joe Biden had sealed enough electoral votes to become president-elect, he and running mate Kamala Harris addressed the nation from Wilmington, Del. Harris spoke first. Here is a transcript of what she said. Good evening. So Congressman John Lewis, Congressman John Lewis, before his passing, wrote: “Democracy is not a state. It is an act.” And what he meant was that America’s democracy is not guaranteed. It is only as strong as our willingness to fight for it, to guard it and never take it for granted. And protecting our democracy takes struggle. It takes sacrifice. But there is joy in it, and there is progress. Because we the people have the power to build a better future.
And when our very democracy was on the ballot in this election, with the very soul of America at stake, and the world watching, you ushered in a new day for America.

Yeah... we could go on and on with how many times a Gun Grabber Politician has used the word "fight" in their "speeches," but considering the rioting and chaos that went on throughout the nation for the past 6 months, during Biden & Harris' campaigning... only to lessen after the election... well, I pray the GOP and every Right Winger that actually believes in the Democracy of our REPUBLIC starts pushing the paperwork to impeach the snot out of them.

And let's not forget Ol Nancy Pelosi trying to make it through a speech from not too long ago (that sounds much like Kamala's speech from the link above) ... where she mentions "fighting" a few times herself.

The hypocrisy plot thickens...


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