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Brady Campaign sets their sights on Ace Hardware over locations having FFL’s

These wacky ghouls just don’t stop. If they’re not suing Armslist or politicizing school shootings right after they happen, you can count on them to be doing other illogical things, such as harassing Ace Hardware for being a FFL that followed the firearm transfer process correctly:

Ace Hardware responded and in a nice way, said “leave us the f*ck alone, Karen. Take it up with your local manager.”

Here‘s what happened:

The man charged with buying the rifle that police say an Illinois teen used to kill two people during protests in Kenosha will stand trial.
Dominick Black, 19, is charged with two felony counts of intentionally providing a dangerous weapon to a minor, resulting in death.
At a preliminary hearing Thursday, Nov. 19, a Kenosha detective testified that Black told him how he purchased the rifle after getting money from Rittenhouse.
"He indicated they were up in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, at an Ace Hardware. At the time, Kyle provided the money to him which he then utilized to buy the firearm," said Detective Ben Antaramian, Kenosha Police Department.

So, at worst, Kyle’s friend did a straw purchase, which if that’s the case, Ace Hardware couldn’t have known. The Brady Campaign is just looking for attention, and like any good bully, wants to harass someone because they’re emotional juveniles that pick targets to send their idiotic goons after, even if the target did nothing wrong.

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Will Ford
Will Ford
26 sept. 2021


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