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Chair of IL House gun control committee does a blunder/proves he doesn’t know about guns

HB5855 in IL aims to ban the sale and possession of magazines that hold over 10 rounds (as well as forces registration of weapons they don't like. One of the vocal proponents of this bill just proved these people know NOTHING about firearms. Meet Rep Ford, he's the chair of the house task force on guns.

Rep Ford was Interviewed today on why HB5855 should be made law. During the interview, he let it slip that he clearly doesn't know how magazines work and what they do. He thinks that, apparently, they come with bullets in them already and that they are discarded after a single use. Watch below:

Full video of interview. Above starts at 14:40

Once again, anti-gun legislators making the laws prove they have no clue what they are talking about. Here's the legislation btw:

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I’m not at all shocked that someone is writing laws about guns and don’t know a single thing about what they are trying to write law about. They just write what sounds good in their stupid little head and thing, “that sounds good, I’m smarter than everyone else because I got elected (or selected) to office.”

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