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Congressman Casten on guns: Gun owners have “small genitals”

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

So, unless you’re a part of a militia (aren’t the Democrats demonizing those now?), you don’t need to own a gun unless you have a small dick. Armed ladies, thoughts? He’s saying you have a small penis......

I’m actually curious how the congressman knows this for a fact. Must enjoy eye-balling the “junk” of gun buyers at when he goes to Dick’s to shop for spandex bike shorts.

I dig the Moms Demand Action (ha) endorsement. Oh, and congressman......

The number of women who own a gun is rising -- an estimated one in five women in 2017 -- and the firearms industry is taking notice.
The new generation of firearms for females are not just pink, but designed for a woman's frame to be lighter, slimmer and have less recoil for women with license to carry. 
It's not just firearms, but also apparel and accessories called "carrywear," including leggings, purses and holsters that women want customized to their needs. 

Better yet, tell your statement to them:

Those working in the gun industry and gun owners themselves say the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is spurring increased interest in gun ownership. Some firearm owners believe the upcoming presidential election and the need to assert gun rights contribute, too. 
In the midst of these changes, gun owners are becoming more diverse. Nearly 15% of those who bought guns during the first six months of the year are Black, an increase of more than 50%, according to a survey from the trade organization National Shooting Sports Foundation. 

Go ahead congressman, tell em......


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