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Mom-At-Arms research leads to motion for IL Supreme Court judge recusal from gun ban case

Updated: Apr 4

Earlier this month, a Mom-At-Arms journalist published some research that detailed Governor Pritzker's donations to two IL Supreme Court justices who are now hearing a case before them (in May) in which Pritzker is a defendant regarding the IL gun ban that was brought forward by state rep Dan Caulkins. That article (which blew up after Washington Gun Law cited it in a YouTube video) can be viewed in full here:

The article was picked up by Greg Bishop of The Center Square, to which we were given credit full credit for bringing this stuff to light at a time where it matters.

It was expanded on as well in certain aspects. It started spreading to the point where the governor was questioned about his actions at press conferences (which he dismissed the revelations as "right wing").

It then got to the point to where the offical government account for the Illinois Supreme Court was censoring comments on its tweets (hello, ACLU?) that mentioned the money given to the judges. That story here:

Today, 3/31/23, the plaintiff (state rep Dan Caulkins) has now officially asked that the state Supreme Court justices involved with Pritzker's money recuse themselves. This included some of the public information we cited in our articles that broke and expanded on these issues: