County cuts $25,000 from DV Shelter and we don't blame them...

Back in March of 2020, Mom-At-Arms, with the help of many experts on Domestic Violence, did some investigating into Women's Shelters.

The article is called Domestic Violence: Continued Abuse and barely anyone read it. It's purpose was to bring awareness to a hidden issue, within the system. An issue that plagues victims of Domestic Abuse almost as much as their abusers. The issue we tried to bring to light is that of shelters and hotlines, that are meant to help abuse victims, were instead padding their pockets and keeping victims waiting in limbo. We discussed how this keeps the names of victims swirling through databases until either, they escape through alternative methods... or they die.

Mom-At-Arms has relentlessly tried to bring awareness to the many faces that Domestic Violence takes. We've even pushed DV REFORM and how Law Enforcement plays a major roll... in attributing to the violence, as well as helping stop it. Police officers are 10x more likely to die while responding to a domestic call. They're also very likely to become a target of rage by the victim, as well... or even become the abuser.