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Court approves Everytown’s bid to buy inventory of Jimenez firearms

As we reported early in the year, Everytown was trying to buy the remaining inventory of Jimenez firearms after they declared bankruptcy (thanks in part to Everytown, btw). Looks like Everytown is getting the guns:

The Crawfords filed a wrongful death lawsuit in June 2019 against the alleged trafficking ring, which included Samuels as well as the manufacturer of the murder weapon, Jimenez Arms, and the dealer who sold it to Samuels, Green Tip Arms.
The grieving parents were represented by the litigation arm of Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund.
A separate settlement involved Jimenez Arms, which agreed to stop selling firearms and declared bankruptcy in which the court approved Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund’s bid to purchase Jimenez Arms’ remaining gun inventory to prevent it from being transferred to JA Industries, its successor firearms business.
NPR reported that it was a 14-year-old homeless boy who shot Crawford

Anyone else looking forward to Everytown roll-marked Saturday night specials?


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