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DA that charged K. Rittenhouse was working w/BLM activists

The public now has access to newly released records that show Kenosha District Attorney, Michael Graveley texting with Whitney Cabal, AKA Billy Violent, a violence-inciting Black Lives Matter activist.
In the weird exchange, both text back and forth over the span of nearly 6 weeks, sometimes after 10:00pm.
In the many messages, it seems like Graveley is giving Cabal updates on the WI DOJ investigation into the Kenosha Police shooting of Jacob Blake and taking advice on how to handle the Kenosha riots.
In one message, Cabal warns Graveley that “KPD is gonna burn out.”
In another message, the two seem to make breakfast plans. It should be noted that Graveley is married.
This exchange is a very bizarre one, especially for Kenosha County’s top prosecutor.

Here is also the link to the PDF of text exchanges this year after the police shooting of Jacob Blake:

Further. The DA was pissed that someone FOIA’d and obtained these (use FOIA, folks. It’s a great tool at everyone’s disposal). Here’s the piece on that:

In an intimidating email sent today, Kenosha DA Michael Graveley didn’t mince words. In an email dated today, sent at 8:36am to our anonymous source for yesterday’s article, Graveley called the source “slimy” and “cowardly” for sharing his text messages with Kenosha County Eye.
Graveley (D) insists the reason for his weeks of texting with Cabal is he was having a “dialogue with all parties”. Some in the community don’t think he should be putting much weight into what she has to say after she openly condoned the rioting and looting that occurred in Kenosha due to the Kenosha Police shooting Jacob Blake.

With all of this info that has come to light, it’s pretty clear that the DA is just a tad too attached to one side of this mess, therefor cannot do his job without bias.

Major props to the investigative work done by the Kenosha County Eye and the individual who FOIA’d.


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