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Defund the police: in the making for at least 9 months. Floyd was a trigger event

I’m gonna make this quick.

8/14/19: UNA webinar call in which March For Our Lives was the guest speaker. Last paragraph was the most important (we are there now)

I attended the webinar (if anyone has a link, please provide, as the words spoke are important), but here’s the main focus in relation to today:

Above is parts of the March For Our Lives Peace Plan, which you can see for yourselves the full plan here:

And now to the main point (which ties in to all

of the above):

The above Was all showcased during the UNA-USA call. What are we seeing Democrats and hardcore activists call for right now? What’s the Floyd family lawyer trying to do?

This is way bigger than just George Floyd (that was a trigger event used to spark a much wider agenda) and I said I’d keep it short, so see here and also here for more. This is all just a cog in the machine working to screw all of us over and take our civil rights away. Don’t fall for it.


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