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Delegate Levine: the “Nazi hunter” that now targets his political opponents (us) like the Nazis did

Fun fact: Mark Levine used to hunt Nazis. He says so himself:

Mark Levine has a history of passionate advocacy against injustice, from leading the early marriage-equality movement to fighting the Supreme Court’s hijacking of the 2000 Election, to defending children and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Mark has been a grass-roots activist, a negotiator at the highest levels of the US Congress, a state representative, a Constitutional lawyer, a drafter of countless pieces of legislation, a former inner-city school teacher, and even a Nazi hunter.

Levine, 47, hosts “The Inside Scoop,” a syndicated talk-radio program, and has previously worked as a legislative counsel to former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.). He also has worked as a corporate trial attorney, teacher and “Nazi hunter” for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Funny that someone that (should) understand what oppressive/evil regimes do would try and mirror them by enacting draconian legislation like HB961 (and also saying it won’t affect law abiding people because they’ll abide by the law once its enacted). It should come as no surprise though, as Mark has a long history of speaking out against his political opponents and saying they’re “wackos” and “racists”:

Pretty clear that by turning Virginia gun owners into felons (criminals) unless they comply that he’s targeting his political opposition and it’s NOT about “safety”. I guess since he hates us he wants to punish/hunt us since according to him, we’re probably all “Nazis“ in his mind......

And what’s this?

Delegate Mark Levine, who introduced the legislation to repeal it, said that the law fuels Virginians' confusion and distrust in the law: If unmarried sex is illegal, then what else is?
"We should not have laws that make most of the population into criminals," he told CNN. "Times are very different now than they were in the 17th and 18th centuries."

Mark will probably say that the “majority of Virginians don‘t own weapons of war” or something. Fine, that’s probably true. However the majority of Germans living in Germany leading up to WW2 weren’t Jewish. In fact, only .75% were. Yet the Nazis targeted them for their beliefs and even enacted gun control to target then specifically. Pretty much nails the fact he’s targeting people for their beliefs as well.

More on Mark. I never knew he hosted a show on Iranian TV or that he drafted a section of the (non)PATRIOT Act!

Levin should really look over this (from the Jews For The Preservation Of Firearm Ownership). While he’s at it, maybe this as well.


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