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Democrats: “Do as I say, not as I do”

Came across this tweet today:

This was a response to it by a Democrat::

I agree with the statement. Government bodies funded by taxpayers need to be apolitical. Focus on this statement:

In the end, this situation was dealt with:

Following numerous complaints over a pro-Trump flag flown from an Oswego County Sheriff’s boat at a pro-Trump flotilla on Oneida Lake this past weekend, County Legislative Chairman James Weatherup notified County Sheriff Don Hilton on Monday that such displays are “in violation of Oswego County policy.”
Mr. Weatherup said he is “confident that the activity of this sort on county time and using county-owned equipment will not be repeated.
The county’s Operating Policies, Regulations & Procedures regarding the display of flags states, “The county shall not display flags representing political parties, political movements or religions.”

James Weatherup is a Republican, but rules are rules when it comes to services paid for by taxpayers......unless you’re Democrats.

Last year, MAA researchers (before joining MAA) and their allies went on a prying mission to see what type of political activity was being done in taxpayer funded public school districts. Here is a request at one that was done:

The request provided this hit (Moms Demand Action search criteria listed on the request triggered it):

Individuals reached out to a public high school in order to recruit for and have materials distributed for March For Our Lives, a partisan (Democrat) gun control astroturf group. This event was organized by the McHenry County Democratic Party:

So who sent the email to the taxpayer funded school in order to recruit for this party organized event?

Why party leadership of course!

This information was passed on to local press, where they ran the findings and went into more detail and made note of an ethics violation in regards to this:

McHenry County Democratic officials, who organized last year’s March For Our Lives anti-gun rally in Woodstock, conspired with high school teachers to recruit students for the rally, emails obtained by the McHenry Times show.
In so doing, they may have violated the state ethics act, which places restrictions on political activity by school district employees. The rally, held March 24 on Woodstock Square, moreover, turned out to be little more than a fund-raising scheme for the party, records show.
In one instance, Cathy Johnson and Ruth Scifo, both members of the executive board of the county Democratic party, sent an email to Woodstock High School English teacher Heather Brown on March 12 of last year explaining that they were organizing the march and rally in Woodstock. They attached a March For Our Lives flyer, and asked that it be distributed to the students and staff. They further said they had “feelers” out to several other area high schools.
The McHenry Democrats advertised the March 24 event on their website, which included a link to donate not to March For Our Lives but to the party.
March For Our Lives was established after the February 2018 murder of 17 at a Parkland, Florida high school. The group is registered to lobby in Illinois. In 2003, the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act was amended to cover school district employees with many of the same restrictions state employees face, according to Illinois State Board of Education spokesperson Jackie Matthews.
“Public Acts 93-615 and 93-617 enacted in 2003 made comprehensive changes to the Act and required all units of local government and school districts to adopt ordinances or resolutions regulating political activities and the making and accepting of gifts in a manner no less restrictive than the provision of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act,” Mathews wrote in an email. “School districts therefore have adopted policies addressing this requirement.”
When questioned about ethics policies adopted by Woodstock High School's district, Community Unit District 200, Kevin Lyons, a spokesman for the district, hung up on a reporter.

Please Dems, if you’re gonna bitch and moan about a Sheriff breaking the rules, lead by example and don’t break the rules yourselves.


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