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DOJ targets Everytown/Mayors Against Illegal Guns allied cities for allowing violence

From the DOJ:

New York’s De Blasio is part of Everytown‘s Mayors Against Illegal Guns:

As for the other two, they just sent out this last week lol:

Have fun losing federal funding and being investigated by the DOJ, mayors. I’m sure they’ll take your “feelings” and “wokeness” and pandering into account. Oh, and sure, “right wing militias“ (🙄) legally open carrying is NOT illegal, therefor, these mayors are against LEGAL guns. The 9/14 letter implies that they’re more worried about that than they are the stuff the DOJ brought up today......

You know what? The DOJ should subpoena these mayors and their communications w/Everytown. Everytown and the DOJ have a recent history, and perhaps these cities were told by them (Everytow/MAIG) not to accept federal assistance in quelling the riots, which would be a political move that caused some major damage :

I mean, come on...


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