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Effingham County, IL isn’t screwing around anymore: enforce gun control and you’re subject to arrest

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

This is beautiful. We applaud Effingham County leading the way again. Reminder to that this type of stuff has been used to defy immigration laws (here as well, with many more out there), so only fair it’s applied to US citizens’ rights as well.

It passed out of committee today as well and will be going to the full board:

This being an ordinance means that it carries the weight of law in Effingham County. So, a quick breakdown of what it’s all means by section. EC=Effingham County.

- EC will not recognize nor enforce any additional fees, taxes or regulations on firearms or firearms related products that don’t apply to other goods and will also ignore confiscation orders on said products. Also, screw congress and Presidential EO’s that limit guns or the 2A. Kiss our rear end. We’re not listening.

- EC Law Enforcement and courts do not have the authority to enforce infringements on 2A rights. They must abide by their oaths to protect the civil rights of EC citizens.

- The EC Sheriff can deputize US citizens that are in EC to “prevent enforcement“ of anti-2A laws and regulations. So, are you a legal gun owner that wants to help prevent tyranny should a gun grab begin? Grab your friends and head to Effingham County to make a lawful stand against government overreach (this one ought to really make anti-2a rights extremists seethe).

-Are you LE (any level) enforcing or attempting to help entities enforce anti-2A laws in EC? Don’t bother coming to work on Monday if you work for the sheriff’s office and if you’re part of another agency, don’t bother applying.

- Our State’s Attorney will assist EC citizens in filing complaints against gun control enforcing LE in EC and prosecute them. The 2A is a civil right. Deal with it.

- The EC sheriff’s office will arrest any agent (see section 4) attempting to enforce any of the things outlined in section 1 (not limited to that though). Hey, looks like a bunch of law abiding EC citizens that are tired of their 2A rights being trampled on lining up over there to be deputized....

-Violate this ordinance, you pay up. This isn’t a resolution or proclamation, this is an ordinance that holds the weight of law.

Gun grabbing politicians and LE that choose to listen to gun grabbing politicians are officially on notice in Effingham County, Illinois. They aren’t screwing around. I wonder how housing prices are there? Sounds like a great place to move to if you have to be stuck in Illinois...

Now, here’s what we all need to do. Take this ordinance and spread it to your local (city, county, etc) government officials that take their oaths seriously and make this the next “2A sanctuary“ movement (with teeth). PDF below:

Anti-2A extremists in office and their activist allies have declared war on our right to keep and bear arms. It’s a civil right. It‘s time more places take the “we’re not playing around” approach like Effingham County did today.

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This is awesome and has been s long time overdue!

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