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Energy Vampires

There's a term in the psych world called an "Energy Vampire." It's actually used quite often in random convos with certain intellects. Even Oprah did a full segment on the topic of these leeches that go after a person's good character and intentions for manipulative purposes.

What is an Energy Vampire?

If you've never heard of the phrase, an Energy Vampire is someone who literally just sucks the positive, lively, optimistic and good natured energy right out of ya whenever you are in their presence.

The relationship starts off good, of course. You may find a common ground to be pals or more, but then, it's like they turn into an alternate of themselves, through passive aggressive narcissism. You could ask them how their day is going and its like, "Good... but..." And as soon as you hear that "but" you find yourself looking for the nearest exit. Sometimes you even start contemplating your own demise just by the mere mentioning of their name. You even start asking G-d, or any deity of sorts, why this person even breathes oxygen, if they're going to complain about it all the time. And it's so weird, cause you like these people. Maybe even love them! They're attractive, intelligent, sometimes a little witty. They even have an air about them that makes you feel like you need to be around them- typical of a vampire... but at the end of every meeting with them, you have no emotional or physical want to find any joy in the rest of your day, and you feel so guilty about even BLAMING THEM for it. You'd rather go home, sit in loneliness, and stare at a wall- because not only did they suck all of your good energy out, they left you with their negativity (kinda like how a vampire bite turns it's victim into a vampire, too).


You know these types of people. Most would say they're Liberals... which I agree with to a certain degree, but in actuality, they can be anyone. Energy Vampires lurk within the shadows of what we find to be normalcy... and then they strike when we least expect it. A friend of mine just got out of a 10yr relationship with an Energy Vampiress. LOL! (I have to share his explanation because it's hilarious. NOTE: He's a super "MAGA" dude. Total good ol' boy, beef cake that loves his country and his mama. I've watched him look a buck in rut, square in the eye and dare it to charge.)

"Every little thing I did was wrong, and she made me feel even worse when I tried to make it better, by using some sort of compliment that ended up with her complaining about more of the things I did wrong! I stayed confused whenever she smiled, but I felt like I needed to be around it and just wait for more. Then, after a while, I found myself doing the same to my employees! Work was where I went to escape that kind of crazy, but then I became what I was running away from. No ring is worth all that! That's the best way of putting it."

I laugh hysterically at that. We women have our quirks, but I know of some men with the same characteristics. What's described above, though, is exactly what an Energy Vampire does to their prey. Manipulative little suckers.