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Everytown and Moms Demand Action: a recent history of exploiting mass shootings

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

It should come as no surprise that the #1 name in gun control is usually the first to jump at the opportunity to use a tragedy for the opportunity to push their agenda. Let’s explore 3 recent ones: Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburg, PA, Poway Synagogue shooting in Poway, CA, and also the Virginia Beach shooting in VA.

2 days after the Tree of Life shooting (10/27/18), Everytown for Gun Safety reaches out to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

And that promise by Paul S. John was kept. A few days later.....

This is all the behind the scenes view of what led to what would be known as the proposed Pittsburgh gun ban

This (also part of the Time article) is exactly what Everytown is trying to fight (per email from Eric Tirschwell dated 11/5/18):

This whole mess led to the county DA to make a statement that led to Peduto throwing a temper tantrum

The point is they do NOT have the authority to override the state constitution. Everytown For Gun Safety was/is assisting a municipality go against state law. Tirschwell is currently representing the city in lawsuits against the gun ban.

Moving on to Poway, CA. Just days after the 4/27/19 shooting (2 days to be exact), a council woman from a town nearby sent this to Poway city officials:

Press conference=opportunity to be on the news and get their brand out, and they did:


Lastly, the Virginia Beach shooting in Virginia Beach, VA on 5/31/19. Interestingly enough, Moms Demand Action was working with the city government before the shooting, so they already had a presence there:

Now, fast forward to the day AFTER the 5/31/19 shooting:

And more

This shooting led to VA governor Ralph Northam to (you guessed it) go after guns a few days after :

Are you seeing a pattern yet? Everytown/Moms Demand Action jump at the opportunity to use tragedies to advance their agenda while they‘re fresh (usually making initial contact a day or two after). These are not the actions of caring individuals. These are the actions of those wishing to exploit a tragedy and its victims to further the gun control narrative.

These FOIA’s (emails) were obtained by ILWD4CR and Mom At Arms. For more information on how to FOIA, please see here:


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