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Everytown is adapting to the times (and it will be the way they do things moving forward)

Updated: May 20, 2020

Besides the word vomit stuff in this interview with Shannon Watts (founder of Moms Demand Action), pay attention on how the anti-gun activists are adapting to the current situation we are all in. They are using the stay-at-home orders (where lots of people are online to kill time) to organize and recruit for their cause. They are also allowing MDA volunteers to have access to professional tools that only large companies usually use in order to recruit and “advertise”. They ALSO admit that this is going to be how they do things going forward. They (Bloomberg’s anti-gun lobby) are well funded and quickly adapting. Their goal? Elect Democrats that will enact their gun control agenda. Listen to the full interview here:

Listen (it’s only 20 minutes) and use their plan against them. You don’t need $$$ to engage/disrupt their stuff. Mater of fact, the internet does it for us on occasion LOFL!

Oh, and the irony in the conversation is all the talk of “dark money” LOL. And a runner up is Watts mentioning Lucy McBath. More on her below:

Dark money + Lucy McBath (forget the above FEC complaint w/her and Everytown) =


To take this all one step further, Watts has often stated Moms Demand Action is “non-partisan”. It’s even mentioned on their website for people wishing to join:

You heard Watts and the interview in the first link in this article mention electing Democrats, right? Well, that’s not “non-partisan“. In fact, Watts has also been pushing Emerge America:

She‘s not only pushing it, she’s with them!

San Francisco, Calif.Emerge America, the nation’s leading organization for recruiting and training women to run for office, announced today that it has appointed Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action on Gun Sense in America, to its national board of directors. Watts brings with her years of experience managing her nationally-known organization and vast knowledge in communications, marketing and social media. In her new role, she will work with existing board members to advise on strategic planning, expand the organization’s major partnerships and enhance its fundraising capacity.

Next Paragraph......

“My organization’s work to demand reasonable gun reforms from legislators and Emerge America’s mission to get more Democratic women elected to office are a match made in heaven,” said Watts. “Emerge’s training program already includes the Democratic Party platform, which includes common-sense firearm policies. It’s also proven that women are more likely than men to support the kinds of legislation that Moms Demand Action promotes, such as stricter laws governing gun sales. It’s easy to see why this is a perfect pairing. I’m thrilled to lend my skills and abilities to Emerge and am committed to helping the organization reach its greatest heights.”

And Emerge pushes Watts (and Lucy “FEC complaint Dark Money” McBath):

None of this has ANYTHING to do with safety or non-partisan work. It’s all politics for the gain of a single party by using the emotions/feelings of people to get on board. She even noted that her goal is to target women because they “are more likely than men to support the kinds of legislation that Moms Demand Action promotes”. So, pretend you’re “non-partisan”, get them on board, get the members (regardless of their full political beliefs prior) to vote “gun-sense“ (Democrat) and BOOM! The Democratic Party (which the majority of the elected officials are anti-gun) has more votes, gains power, and erases the 2A via legislation.

And that’s a wrap.


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