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Everytown lies about the people pushing back against Virginia gun control

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Per Everytown, it’s only the “far right” who are upset about gun control being pushed in Virginia:

Is Antifa “far right”?

Seven Hills Antifa is who doxed VA LEO’s over belonging to “white nationalist“ organizations:

Two Virginia police officers who worked for different agencies were fired this week after an anti-fascist group linked them to white nationalist organizations.
The first case involved Sgt. Robert A. Stamm of the Virginia Division of Capitol Police, who had been assigned to protests calling on Gov. Ralph Northam to resign over a racist yearbook photo that surfaced in February.
Anti-Fascists of the Seven Hills, which said it was based in Richmond, Va., wrote online in February that Sergeant Stamm came to its attention because he had a large Band-Aid covering his neck while patrolling. The group found photos on social media of Sergeant Stamm with tattoos, flags and banners that used white supremacist symbols and images, it said in a blog post.

So, Everytown, spin that. We see through your lies. The MAJORITY of Virginians, regardless of left or right, are AGAINST you and your agenda. Matter of fact, the ”gun lobby” is AGAINST Antifa and calls them out on their rhetoric. How bout it, Everytown? Send out a mass email denouncing Antifa and far left groups.......

Truth be told, Everytown is setting the stage for if anything goes wrong that they can blame Republicans and gun owners (”see, 2nd amendment supporters that don’t want gun control are violent”). If Antifa shows up on 1/20 and causes problems (like fire bombing government buildings), it’ll be blamed on the VCDL and militias that are there in support. Everytown and the Virginia Democrats are secretly hoping this turns into Charlottesville 2.0. Gun ownership (regardless of type of firearm) does NOT increase the chance of you becoming a murderer or increasing ”gun violence”. Everytown using partisan politics and blaming one group over another is far more dangerous and destructive than Jane Smith owning an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine. What they’re doing is trying to instill fear and hatred with their base toward one group. Their opponents aren‘t the ones threatening to use the National Guard to enforce their agenda, which will lead to more deaths and injuries and would pit neighbor vs neighbor and family against family. Who’s the real threat here? Everytown/Bloomberg bought Virginia. Now as the “owners”, the subjects of the state must submit. That’s how they view the citizens of Virginia. Go against them and you’re an “extremist”. Again, this isn’t Democrat vs Republican, this is tyranny vs freedom.


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