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Everytown preparing a hit piece on the ATF

Everytown is going nuts. They are extremely upset that the ATF isn’t acting more (even more) like the firearms Gestapo. They are getting frustrated about those pesky (often ignored) checks and balances:

The ATF has been attending NSSF’s SHOT Show for awhile now. Why wouldn’t they? It’s not there in support of NSSF, but rather there because, well, they’re there to distribute info, answer questions, etc. Heck, let’s even go back to 2014:

How AWFUL!!!!! Well, Everytown doesn’t like the ATF attending this event (again, they’ve been going there for years to educate FFL’s on things like straw purchases), so Everytown, much like we at Mom-at-Arms do in our sleuthing on gun grabbers, is gathering FOIA documents in order to do an article/report on the ATF:

Pretty clear what Everytown’s intentions are with this. Everytown is extremely upset that the ATF isn’t solely focused on being Mike Bloomberg’s personal anti-gun hit sqaud and they aim to change that by ”exposing“ (it’s not a secret you Everytown morons) the ATF working with the NSSF. These people have lost their minds.

While you’re here, be sure to check out Everytown’s founder and sugar daddy, Mike Bloomberg, and his past with Vladimir Putin and Russia. That’s a hot topic these days (especially since Mike had openly declared that he is sympathetic of Putin’s mission in Ukraine).

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
05 бер. 2022 р.

Keep in mind, nobody wants to take your guns!

They just want to harass BATF for any activity that isn't taking your guns.

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