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Everytown’s Trace Media journalist fired back at Mom-At-Arms research (that they used)

Updated: Mar 26

Yesterday we were informed that a former Trace Media (Everytown's media arm, funded by Everytown and has the same President, John Feinblatt, as Everytown) magically "unearthed" some history of the FOID card and magically seemed to come across the same long forgotten articles in newspaper archives. Also magically, in 2021 we did an in-depth original research piece on the origins of the FOID, which 3 weeks ago, a video that is making the rounds was published by Alpha Koncepts (a Chicago area firearms instructor) that cited our work. Here's a link to yesterday's story:

Well, Alpha Koncepts made it known where he found the long-lost material for his video (to which he states to the Mom-At-Arms team "I tried to find that info for years, but never knew where to look.  You guys saved me countless hours". Trace Media tweeted out a link (propping up their former employee?) and here's what happened w/a Trace journalist:

HOLY RACISM BATMAN!!!! Calling him "white ass" LOL. Someone is triggered. Maybe he should have a talk with Everytown's (MDA) Shannon Watts about racism, as apparently it's "irresponsible" to highlight a changing demographic in gun ownership......