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Everytown tied up in the FTX crypto scandal?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

In case you haven't been up to date of the massive scandal, start with this:

Before his cryptocurrency exchange collapsed, Bankman-Fried was a major financier of the Democratic Party.
MarketWatch reported, "SBF contributed more than $5 million to Joe Biden and groups supporting him during his 2020 presidential campaign. He said he was motivated by Biden’s 'generic stability and decision-making process.'
Bankman-Fried gave Democrats nearly $37 million in the 2021-2022 election cycle, according to OpenSecrets. SBF was the second-biggest individual donor to the Democrats, only to be surpassed by $128 million from George Soros.
In May, Bankman-Fried said he expected to donate "north of $100 million" to Democrats in the 2024 presidential election, but vowed to have a "soft ceiling" of political spending of $1 billion if former President Donald Trump ran again.
The FTX connection to the Ukrainian government and WEF
Curiously, the Ukrainian government launched a cryptocurrency donation website in March that was backed by FTX.
CoinDesk reported in March, "'Aid for Ukraine,' which has the backing of crypto exchange FTX, staking platform Everstake, and Ukraine’s Kuna exchange, will route donated crypto to the National Bank of Ukraine, Everstake’s Head of Growth Vlad Likhuta told CoinDesk. Ukraine’s crypto-savvy Ministry of Digital Transformation is also involved."
An Everstake press release stated, "Aid For Ukraine is cooperating with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX which converts crypto funds received into fiat and sends the donations to the National Bank of Ukraine. This marks the first-ever instance of a cryptocurrency exchange directly cooperating with a public financial entity to provide a conduit for crypto donations. Earlier this month, FTX already converted $1 million worth of SOL and transferred it to the National Bank of Ukraine."

In short, also add in the aide money the US government was giving them and how the Ukrainians took $ and converted it to FTX crypto :

And here's what happened recently:

The sudden collapse of crypto exchange "FTX" and its Bankruptcy filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities with almost ZERO assets . . . and among those liabilities, are "investments" made by . . . . UKRAINE . . . .
At this early hour, it __appears__ that tens-of-billions in American "Military Aid" to Ukraine, which was allegedly to be used to fight Russia, was cash that Ukraine DID NOT use to fight Russia, but instead invested into FTX!
And, as you might guess from the Bankruptcy filing . . . . it now seems that all the money . . . is gone.

Sam Bankman-Fried is also the main bankroller for the PAC Protect Our Future:

Now here's where it gets interesting and where Everytown comes in. Opensecrets has the data. According to Opensecrets during 2022, there was only 5 large donors to the PAC, and one of them was the Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund. They donated $11,000.

Now, let's look at the PAC's 2022 disbursements to other PACs/party committees. The Everytown Action Fund donated to the PAC, but the money moving between the Protect Out Future PAC and Everytown is via the Everytown Victory Fund. Hmmm.....

And PAC to PAC contributions to POF? Just 1, according to Opensecrets.

So, what is the Protect Our Future PACs main purpose and who do they fund?

Protect Our Future is an organization designed to help elect candidates who will be champions for pandemic prevention – candidates who, when elected, will have their eyes on the future.
Our country’s leaders failed to prepare for a pandemic experts warned for years was possible, and the result was more than a million preventable American deaths, trillions of dollars in economic damage, school closures, loss of freedoms, and untold suffering. Washington still has not learned its lesson, and has responded to the Covid crisis by underinvesting in pandemic prevention and leaving our country susceptible to another catastrophe, one that might be even worse next time. Our candidates are committed to safeguarding our nation from future global pandemics, so this is the last time in our lifetime, and our children’s lifetimes, that we will face the devastation that has gripped communities across the US since 2020.

While everything might be ok, this is all, as the kids say these days, "sus". Oh, and yes, you can donate to Everytown usinf crypto:

Oh, and Sam Bankman-Fried has just been detained today:

Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of the collapsing cryptocurrency company FTX, along with two others associated with the company, director of engineering Nishad Singh and co-founder Gary Wang, are "under supervision" in the Bahamas after the trio reportedly were planning on fleeing to Dubai.
According to Cointelegraph, "Right now three of them, Sam, Gary, and Nishad are under supervision in the Bahamas, which means it will be hard for them to leave."

UPDATE 11/17: Fox News picked up on this stuff regarding Everytown, which was first broke here at Mom-At-Arms:

The Bankman-Fried brothers have led joint efforts to raise money to prevent future pandemics. Of the $38 million Sam Bankman-Fried donated to political campaigns and groups during the midterm election, about $27 million went to Protect Our Future PAC, a political action committee dedicated to boosting candidates who would push forward anti-pandemic policies, according to Federal Election Commission data.

The PAC only gave money to Democrats and the gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund. Bankman-Fried's donations to the PAC represented more than 99.5% of its total money raised.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
13 de nov. de 2022

The richest man in the world ain't nobody's fool.

Musk has tweeted: "SBF was a major Dem donor, so no investigation."

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