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Facebook scrubs largest grassroots gun rights group in Illinois

From Illinois State Representative Allen Skillicorn:

Some of Mom-At-Arms researchers/writers are/were in the group. Here’s what one of the admins had to say (i guess gun groups are automatically labeled as “pro-Trump”, even though there were lots of anti-Trump people in it that love guns and the 2A as well:

From another admin. No words. I guess hunting is “hate speech“.......

IGOT was NOT a far-right group. In fact, they wanted to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community (but a Moms Demand Action lead stopped that from happening) and they also did some great outreach with a local BLM leader when they had a rally in support of Kyle Rittenhouse, which the opposite side that day (Moms Demand Action) decided it would be a brilliant idea to protest IGOT and did so in front of an Alzheimer’s care facility.......


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