Fearing legally armed African Americans, Virginia gets its own “Mulford Act”

No way around this one. At a time where black rights activists are exercising their 1A and 2A rights together, the governor (Blackface) of Virginia just signed a law that prohibits firearms at state buildings and Capitol square in Richmond:

The timing of this is VERY suspect, as on May 14, one group exercised their rights to accomplish something they wanted at the Capitol in Richmond:

“Armed intimidation does not belong where democracy takes place” they say, but no one was threatened with firearms nor was anyone hurt. I find it VERY strange they’re afraid of minorities exercising their rights. Truth is, groups like Moms Demand Action via Shannon Watts have been after this group (BLM757) before, such as when a Moms Demand Action backed ordinance was passed in the city of Richmond (Watts deleted this tweet, but we got the screengrab):

I guess “progressive” groups like Moms Demand doesn’t like when minority groups don’t follow their playbook and think for themselves. We asked BLM757 leader JaPharii Jones for his thoughts on the bills Governor Northam signed while Moms Demand Action was at his side:

“Firearms were prohibited on May 31, 2019 resulting in a mass shooting (reference to the high profile Virginia Beach workplace shooting). Minorities do not feel safe in this day and age going ANYWHERE unarmed. These new bills are a threat to marginalized folks”

Now, why is this Virginia’s very own version of the Mulford Act? In case you don’t know what that is, let’s go back to the California Capitol in the late 1960’s: