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For the Chipmans, gun control and extremism is a tradition for family and friends

Ok this is going to be quick. Please check out our thread here with all of the info we dug up (so far) on David Chipman and his wife, Tara (who just retired from the ATF a week ago):

Direct links to research/articles in that thread:

Lots of detailed stuff about Tara and David. It’s worth looking at. Now, last week the American Accountability Foundation published a detailed report about David Chipman. It’s worth the read:

In it, an “anonymous“ former ATF agent who worked with David gives a statement. We’re skeptical of anonymous tips that claim facts, but it turns out to be legit. Here’s one example:

We dug, and sure enough, turns out David’s wife’s family is in the AZ political scene. Are you shocked the former senato