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For the Chipmans, gun control and extremism is a tradition for family and friends

Ok this is going to be quick. Please check out our thread here with all of the info we dug up (so far) on David Chipman and his wife, Tara (who just retired from the ATF a week ago):

Direct links to research/articles in that thread:

Lots of detailed stuff about Tara and David. It’s worth looking at. Now, last week the American Accountability Foundation published a detailed report about David Chipman. It’s worth the read:

In it, an “anonymous“ former ATF agent who worked with David gives a statement. We’re skeptical of anonymous tips that claim facts, but it turns out to be legit. Here’s one example:

We dug, and sure enough, turns out David’s wife’s family is in the AZ political scene. Are you shocked the former senator is a gun control proponent?

So that claim does check out (and we’re sure it’s much deeper than just that). Another statement from the anonymous former ATF agent that submit this to AAF:

Alarm bells went off when this name was presented. We know who Jones is. First:

Law enforcement veterans say Chipman's confirmation would bring much-needed stability and direction to an agency that has been led by acting directors for over five years.
"The lack of a permanent director impacts morale," said retired ATF special agent Mark Jones, adding that field agents faced shifting priorities with each new temporary agency head.
Jones also believes Chipman will focus not just on the ATF's law enforcement role, but on its unique responsibility of regulating the proliferation of illegal firearms.
"ATF needs to actually regulate the firearms industry instead of merely paying lip service to that aspect of its mission," he said. "For many years now, ATF has been out of balance, and I expect David to return the bureau to its core missions."

What isn’t mentioned is that Mark Jones is/was a consultant for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, which is the IL state level gun control group of States United Against Gun Violence. Do you want to know who the president of States United is? The wife of Mark Jones. Mark also worked for the far-left anti-gun group Center For American Progress. That and much more here:

It sure sounds like, according to the anonymous tipster, David and Mark (who endorses David) have a lot in common. From the above article:

We also know they help one another fundraise for their organizations:

Click and read the links. These people (the Chipmans and their buddies) are activists and should be NO WHERE near a leadership position of a federal agency.


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