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Gun control candidates took over in VA. What can you do now, citizen? Read and learn!! It ain’t over

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

11/5 Was not a good day for the 2nd amendment in Virginia (and some other states as well). Gun control gained major ground there in both chambers. Michael Bloomberg dumped a LOT of money into the races to make it happen. Just a brief example:

RICHMOND — Last-minute money is rolling into Virginia’s state legislative races with just days to go before next week’s elections, as national groups escalate some totals to the level of congressional contests.
Democrat Nancy Guy hauled in more than $400,000 just since last Friday, the bulk of it coming on Wednesday from an environmental group founded by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Guy is challenging Republican Del. Christopher P. Stolle in a Virginia Beach district plagued by sea level rise, and the money went for a television ad.
Bloomberg’s Beyond Carbon action fund also delivered almost $265,000 in TV advertising for Democrat Shelly Simonds of Newport News, challenging incumbent Del. David E. Yancey in another waterfront district in Hampton Roads.

Way to go Virigina voters (and the Republicans that we’re too busy with their thumbs up their butts to actually go to a polling station). A New York billionaire‘s money influenced your elections. Awake yet? Mad yet? Well, it’s not over yet. There is SOMETHING you can do RIGHT NOW to get ahead and put a hault to the new gun control legislation that will be thrown in your face in a few months. Let me explain.....

Many know of Illinois due to our corrupt politics and Democratic control of the state. We have a dem controlled house, and dem controlled senate, and as of January, a dem governor (who also was on the board of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, the IL chapter of Ceasefire/States United). Gun owners have been under assault for awhile, bet never before as in after the Parkland shooting. Once our new Governor was seated in January, the agenda was put into full motion (signed gun control within the first few days). After Parkland though last year, we started a movement. Knowing we could not win in the general assembly (Chicago crooks basically run it), we took a different approach. County by county, they declared themselves 2nd amendment sanctuary counties (much like how the Democrats declare states and cities sanctuary areas for illegal immigrants). These counties vow to uphold the 2nd amendment and fight back against incoming unconstitutional legislation. How many counties are 2A sanctuaries? Have a look this is from June:

Chicago (and all of Illinois‘ problems) is in or originates from Cook County. See what the rest of the state has done to say ENOUGH to their BS? Here’s an example of a county resolution that passed. Get some 2A friendly politicians in county/local governments to tailor one to meet your needs, get some support, and have the county/city board vote on it and make it a reality: