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Gun control candidates took over in VA. What can you do now, citizen? Read and learn!! It ain’t over

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

11/5 Was not a good day for the 2nd amendment in Virginia (and some other states as well). Gun control gained major ground there in both chambers. Michael Bloomberg dumped a LOT of money into the races to make it happen. Just a brief example:

RICHMOND — Last-minute money is rolling into Virginia’s state legislative races with just days to go before next week’s elections, as national groups escalate some totals to the level of congressional contests.
Democrat Nancy Guy hauled in more than $400,000 just since last Friday, the bulk of it coming on Wednesday from an environmental group founded by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Guy is challenging Republican Del. Christopher P. Stolle in a Virginia Beach district plagued by sea level rise, and the money went for a television ad.
Bloomberg’s Beyond Carbon action fund also delivered almost $265,000 in TV advertising for Democrat Shelly Simonds of Newport News, challenging incumbent Del. David E. Yancey in another waterfront district in Hampton Roads.

Way to go Virigina voters (and the Republicans that we’re too busy with their thumbs up their butts to actually go to a polling station). A New York billionaire‘s money influenced your elections. Awake yet? Mad yet? Well, it’s not over yet. There is SOMETHING you can do RIGHT NOW to get ahead and put a hault to the new gun control legislation that will be thrown in your face in a few months. Let me explain.....

Many know of Illinois due to our corrupt politics and Democratic control of the state. We have a dem controlled house, and dem controlled senate, and as of January, a dem governor (who also was on the board of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, the IL chapter of Ceasefire/States United). Gun owners have been under assault for awhile, bet never before as in after the Parkland shooting. Once our new Governor was seated in January, the agenda was put into full motion (signed gun control within the first few days). After Parkland though last year, we started a movement. Knowing we could not win in the general assembly (Chicago crooks basically run it), we took a different approach. County by county, they declared themselves 2nd amendment sanctuary counties (much like how the Democrats declare states and cities sanctuary areas for illegal immigrants). These counties vow to uphold the 2nd amendment and fight back against incoming unconstitutional legislation. How many counties are 2A sanctuaries? Have a look this is from June:

Chicago (and all of Illinois‘ problems) is in or originates from Cook County. See what the rest of the state has done to say ENOUGH to their BS? Here’s an example of a county resolution that passed. Get some 2A friendly politicians in county/local governments to tailor one to meet your needs, get some support, and have the county/city board vote on it and make it a reality:

See the dark green areas that say “will not prosecute violations of SB107”? That’s an “assault weapon ban” bill. Elected county prosecutors have vowed to not prosecute people that violate that unconstitutional law.

The person that filed that bill actually made national news recently as well, making the intentions of it (and most gun control bills) painfully clear:

Tough questions about gun rights prompted Illinois state Sen. Julie Morrison to taunt a constituent with possible gun “confiscation” policies in the future.
The Illinois State Rifle Association recently shared footage of the Democrat’s mocking response to a town hall participant who asked pointed questions about SB107, legislation that penalizes lawful gun owners with a fine.
“I’m not taking your gun away from you,” the lawmaker told her constituent on June 11. “You just can’t buy any new ones.”
“Unless I pay a fine for each firearm and register them, then I get to keep them,” the questioner replied. “So, if I get to keep it if I pay a fine and register it, then how dangerous is it in the first place and why do I need to pay it at all? Why do you need to try and ban my semi-automatic weapon?”
“Well, you just maybe changed my mind,” Ms. Morrison said. “Maybe we won’t have a fine at all. Maybe it’ll just be a confiscation and we won’t have to worry about paying the fine.”

There you have it, VA. You can thank the IL state Senator for knowing what’s coming your way. So, how do you approach elected prosecutors about this? Here you go. In ”honor” of the Democrats, I’ll even use an example from them:

A prosecutor’s exercise of discretion is the power to deprive an individual of his reputation, his liberty, and even his life. A prosecutor’s discretion typically involves decisions over what crimes to investigate or not investigate, what crimes to charge or dismiss, whom to charge, whether to allow a defendant to plead guilty or be granted immunity from prosecution, and the amount of punishment to be imposed on the offender — even to the point of seeking the defendant’s death. Discretion is at the heart of the prosecutor’s function; it is virtually unlimited, and virtually unreviewable. The exercise of discretion, moreover, involves so many factors, judgments, and values, and under such widely varying circumstances, that it is impossible to reduce to a simple formula, or to articulate meaningful professional standards to guide the exercise of discretion, except in the broadest terms.
Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent pronouncement to state attorneys general that they have no obligation to defend unjust laws — Holder was referring specifically to laws banning gay marriage — has provoked the predictable firestorm from Republican attorneys general, who claim that they have a duty to defend all state laws, even laws that may be blatantly unconstitutional, as several state courts recently have decided in striking down such laws as a violation of equal protection. Although a seemingly isolated event in the fierce political battle over gay rights, Holder’s declaration that prosecutors, in effect, should not defend unjust laws is a perfectly rational application of the doctrine of prosecutorial discretion, and accords with acceptable standards governing a prosecutor’s exercise of discretion. One wonders whether Republican prosecutors would be as outraged if Holder stated that a prosecutor had no obligation to defend abortion clinics from anti-abortion protesters, on the ground that the protesters are engaging in constitutionally protected speech.

You see, your local prosecutor can choose NOT to make criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens. They can say “nope, this law violates the constitution of the United States and also of constitutio of the commonwealth of Virginia.“ They can help nullify Bloomberg‘s agenda, making it nothing more than a “feel good” worthless law (as just it every gun control law is).

CARBONDALE — Williamson County State’s Attorney Brandon Zanotti received a standing ovation at a Marion town hall meeting Feb. 4 for his pledge to support gun owners in the event of a statewide semi-automatic weapons ban.
“I went expecting to talk to 20 people and there were hundreds,” Zanotti said of the event, where gun control was a major topic.
Since then, Zanotti has been surprised by the “daily outpourings of support from people in the community,” he said, with people approaching him at restaurants to thank him for his stance.
He’s also gotten the support of several local colleagues.
“I’m 100 percent on board with what Brandon said,” said David Searby, the state’s attorney for Perry County. And several other local state’s attorneys have expressed similar stances in private conversation.
“Every state’s attorney I’ve talked to has been in agreement with my position,” Zanotti said.
Zanotti was motivated to speak out by Senate Bill 107, a bill that would ban a wide range of guns, described as “assault weapons,” including many well-known semiautomatic rifles and pistols like the AK-47, AK-74, AR-15, AR-10, MAC-10 and Uzi. The bill also restricts many gun modifications, especially those that increase the number of rounds a gun can fire. It also targets pistol and rifle magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds.

What better way to stay in office than to support the people that voted you in and stand with them against tyranny, am I right? (Side note: Zanotti is a Democrat). Also, there’s a reason that Soros and Bloomberg are targeting elected SA’s/DA’s. Remember Jussie Smollett?

Foxx garnered heavy criticism when her office dropped charges against the actor in March without a clear explanation. Last week, a judge ordered the release of thousands of pages of material on the case held by the Chicago police and Foxx’s office.
Among the documents released on Friday evening were numerous messages between Foxx and other prosecutors and staff, in which the recusal was discussed. In one of the messages, Foxx appears to tell her chief of staff, Jennifer Ballard Croft, that the Feb. 19 statement on her recusal was “bulls—.”
She told Croft that she stepped aside at the urging of April Perry, her chief ethics officer, and that the statement about the recusal was approved by Kiera Ellis, her spokeswoman. Both women have since resigned from the office.

But Kim Foxx has also found two other sources of cash, in the form of twin $300,000 donations to a Super PAC supporting her called Illinois Safety & Justice. The sole donors to the PAC are neoliberal superdonor and conservative-boogeyman George Soros and a “dark-money” group called Civic Participation Action Fund. A Super PAC is a fundraising group, created by the 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision, that can raise as much money as they want for any candidate or cause—as long as they don’t coordinate on any level with political campaigns, which have much smaller campaign limits.

By controlling the prosecutors, the goal of people like Soros is to not target the criminals, but to target YOU. Link up with your 2A friendly prosecutor and say you’ll back them if they back you and the 2nd amendment. There will be pushback by politicians backed by Bloomberg lobbying groups (if it wasn’t a threat to their agenda, wouldn’t it just be ignored?):

This guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

There you have it, Virginia (or any state really). Get to work. You gotta catch up to Illinois ;) They‘re even gloating about what’s coming your way.


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