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Gun control supporting Democrat (with prior gun threat charge) arrested....again

Meet Aaron:

This is Aaron’s gun policy:

Gun control is one issue where Aaron is a little more conservative. Aaron has said, “I fully support open carry gun laws. I believe the right to bear arms is a fundamental right. I also believe in the first four words of the 2nd amendment which state: ‘a well regulated Militia’.”
Aaron believes we must implement the most basic of measures to ensure our Militia is “a well regulated” one. Aaron will fight for the following; A universal background check, to ensure felons aren’t getting guns and the mentally ill aren’t getting guns. Basic licensing requirements similar to the process of getting a driver license, to ensure every gun owner has a baseline of gun safety knowledge. Lastly, a minimum standard of authority for our judges to allow them to intervene when someone poses a danger to themselves or others. Aaron believes for a red flag law to be implemented, measures of due process must be included. Someone will only be able to have their right to bear arms temporarily suspended if overwhelming evidence is presented that not doing so will cost life and limb, such as, stalking, domestic abuse, suicide threats, death threats or other forms of intimidation, and lastly a judicial order of mental insanity.
Join Aaron in our mission to implement rational gun policy.

Yeah, not what “well regulated“ means in terms of the 2A....

Aaron was elected in 2020:

He also doesn’t like concealed carry reciprocity:

Aaron was a naughty boy. Article from 2020:

JTA — Aaron Coleman, the 20-year-old Jewish student and Democratic nominee for a state House seat in Kansas, was arrested in 2015 for threatening to shoot a female student at a local high school.
Coleman was 14 at the time, the Kansas City Star reported on Saturday. He was charged with a felony for making a criminal threat and later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassment.
Coleman was being homeschooled at the time, but sent a text message saying he would shoot the girl, who had reportedly posted a revealing photo of Coleman on social media. Coleman told the Star that he wanted to hurt himself and did not have access to a firearm when he made the threat.

Aaron is still a naughty boy. From November 1, 2021:

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A lightning rod for controversy since his election in 2020, Kansas State Rep. Aaron Coleman was arrested Saturday night in Overland Park.
He is now charged with domestic battery, according to court documents.
According to staff at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Coleman, who had already spent two nights in jail, reported a symptom of COVID-19 and entered the jail’s COVID-19 protocol.
This led to confusion if his arraignment would happen on Monday. Instead, his attorney attended the hearing, entering a not guilty plea and secured his client’s release on a $1,000 bond.

Wait, there’s more! From Saturday November 28, 2021:

Kansas Rep. Aaron Coleman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Saturday morning, his second arrest in less than a month. The Kansas Highway Patrol arrested Coleman, a Kansas City, Kansas, Democrat, at 1 a.m. Saturday at mile marker 203 on westbound Interstate 70, according to Douglas County jail records. Coleman, who was out on bond from an arrest last month, was booked into the Douglas County Jail and released on $250 bond Saturday at 1:37 p.m.

Wow. A domestic abuser who drives around drunk and also had a history of making threats involving firearms is an elected democrat state rep that supports gun control measures? Color me SHOCKED!!........

EDIT: thanks for the lead and the addition.

It’s a great day to be an absolute piece of shit young person. Aaron Coleman has won his race and earned a seat in the Kansas House of Representatives, according to KSHB. A little refresher on the new 20-year-old representative:After winning his nomination, Coleman admitted to “bullying, revenge porn, and blackmail[ing] of multiple girls while in middle school,” after accusations had surfaced from former classmates. On the heels of this admission, Coleman said he would drop out of the race but then changed his mind, claiming that those actions were several years old and not who he was anymore. But then Coleman’s former girlfriend told the Intercept that in 2019, just a year ago, Coleman had tried to choke her after an argument—to which Coleman responded via text to his ex that he did not choke her, he only “smacked” her. Coleman then allegedly sent verbally abusive text messages to the young woman after they’d broken up. Now, Coleman is an elected representative of the very same women he admitted to harassing.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Nov 30, 2021

"Gun control is one issue where Aaron is a little more conservative" ...he himself lies.

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