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Gun Control: The New "Gun Safety"

Oh boy! Have they turned the tides or what?

They came in organized. They came in well funded. They came in with a plan and they have absolutely achieved their mission.

Can't really argue with their little graphic, here... "Pro Gun Safety IS Pro Women." Brilliant marketing. Not surprised at all, especially considering who the founder of Moms Demand Action is, and those who came before her. (Copy Cats: A brief history and comparison of Gun Control Mavens)

Gun Nutty social media goes up in arms whenever Gun Control proponents slip one in. Those vivacious ladies in red shirts, with gun control themed sugar cookies; shaped in the little letters of whatever house bill that they can drum up, can really annoy the snot out of us Gun Rights folks. There they are boasting about their "Big Wins," while us Gun Rights folks make more funny tactical memes for our pages and stuffs, and try to decide which shirt color to wear to "combat" the opposition.

While firing up the Canva or PicsArt apps on our phones, Bloomberg and his PR Mastermind & Mommy Mouthpiece, Shannon Watts, flipped the script... LITERALLY... on the nation... and on Gun Owners. Doesn't matter how many guns are sold daily, doesn't matter how many times you call gun control, "racist," or how many defensive gun uses happen compared to "gun violence." The fact of the matter remains, as mentioned above...

They came in organized. They came in well funded. They came in with a plan and they have absolutely achieved their mission.

We, here at Mom-At-Arms, have preached about this many times before: Gun Control orgs don't want to necessarily get rid of the 2nd Amendment. They want to redefine the understanding of it, in order to sway the masses to follow THEM.

Gun Control organizations like Everytown, Gifford's, Moms Demand Action, The Gun Violence Coalitions, etc... didn't go after the 2nd Amendment, or the Constitution. Think about it. They got their start by going after large 2A ORGANIZATIONS, and they continue to do so. If it's not the NRA, it's the NSSF. Soon it will be the GOA and USCCA. After all of them go, it will be us little guys on their list of targets that they'll go after.

They're not suing or even attempting to openly (verbally) deny the Constitution. They might ignore it, but they don't discredit it at all. They actually try to explain it better than we do. Hence the word try, but if you're someone who doesn't know any better or even has one inkling of Constitutional Understanding, then it doesn't matter. Moms Demand Action harpies LOVE folks who have blank slates for minds. That's how they built up so fast.

Take a second, though. Look at their messaging. REALLY LOOK AT IT, too! The red pic shared above in the opening of this article, was created by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. We actually posted the graphic at the beginning of this article on Mom-At-Arms' personal social media accounts, and MOST of our diehard 2A Followers DID NOT EVEN NOTICE it was a Moms Demand Action message. Even in our commentary from Mom-At-Arms, explained (again) the need for the 2A arena to pay attention to how Gun Control groups were using OUR talking points as their own, in order to sway minds. No one read it. They just saw "Pro Gun Safety IS Pro Women."

Yes! Gun Control has been "losing" in recent years, due to numerous events that have sparked people's interests in making their personal protection a priority, BUT... with this new wave of messaging from Gun Control Groups, WHO HAVE MAINSTREAM MEDIA BACKING, what does that mean for newbies coming through the ranks, or even our future generations? Who will our kids run to for the real meaning and training on Gun Safety... us, the 2A orgs & groups that we know now; or Moms Demand Action and their BeSmart program? People will not be able to tell who from who in this advocacy because of what they are doing... and sadly, because the (actual) 2A Community is more worried about trends and cool points, we're letting them. (Notice who's interested in the BeSmart Program. That's not the officer passing off the info to the mom. It's the other way around.)

Dear actual 2nd Amendment/ GUN RIGHTS ADVOCATES of the here and now,

Start paying attention and reading between the lines. Stop falling for the surface trends. While doing that, Gun Control Groups/ Organizations have absolutely ESTABLISHED themselves as the New Age 2A/ Gun Rights go-tos. Because we didn't pay attention, or we got mad when someone in the Gun Rights world was seen discussing something with a Gun Control proponent, Gun Control orgs literally FLIPPED THE SCRIPT on us, and NOW we have more work to do. We are NOT winning as long as we are NOT at the table with Gun Control Orgs. Anyone who says otherwise is not in this activism to save the 2nd Amendment or to even advance Gun Rights for the long haul. They are only in this activism to promote selfish gain for themselves. They are nothing but "Trends," and trends don't last forever. In the meantime, you might want to learn how to sit comfortably beside a Commie Mommy in order to hold to your convictions and get your point across. Truth be told, even as much as we here at Mom-At-Arms have gone hard (The hardest ANYONE has in a while) at Moms Demand Action, MFOL, Gifford's, Everytown, hell... THE ATF... we have to suck it up at times in order to clarify who "TF" we are in this fight by opening opportunity for discussion with a gun control tart. And trust me... people who know who we are and who Moms Demand Action are, know that WE (Mom-At-Arms) ARE the real deal for Gun Safety Education & Awareness. We have gun control fence sitters reach out to us often. That's the only way that the 2A Community will be able to re-establish dominance in the "Gun Safety" arena, in order to clarify, AND VALIDATE, our stance/ meaning.

#ShallNotBeInfringed is about to be owned by Bloomberg if we don't get smarter.

Good Luck 2A Team!


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