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Gun grabbers furious over Santa getting his CCW

***Update at bottom lol***

Santa takes his safety seriously. We all know the world is a dangerous place, and Santa is going to start packing heat.

Right on cue and surprising no one, the emotional driven anti-gun crowd is up in arms over it. I thought these people loved their background checks and paying fees for being able to carry?

These people thrive on misery and being mad over everything. Getting a CCW has nothing to do with a school shooting or misuse of guns. It’s about taking personal safety seriously, as emergencies can’t always wait and split second decisions need to be made when your life is in danger. Santa should put these crybabies on the naughty list and also take it one step further and build a Christmas AR.

Update: wow! Now they’re (gun grabbers) against background checks for CCW? LOL


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