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Gun Grabbing DuPage County Democratic Party official condones Waukesha attack and calls it “Karma”

Update: Mary has deleted her Twitter account.


This is about as deranged as it gets.

After Sunday’s Christmas parade horror in Waukesha, Wisconsin, an Illinois Democrat appeared to portray the tragedy as a form of payback for Friday’s acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha.

This is what she’s mocking and thinks these innocent people deserved due to the Rittenhouse verdict.

Here she is:

In Mary’s own words…
In early 2018, between the Trump administration, Peter Roskam, and Bruce Rauner, I felt that I needed to do something to help the Democrats in the mid-term election, but being a single mom of two kids, I’m limited on time, so I wanted to do something I could do from home. I saw online that the DuPage Democrats were wanting volunteers to help with their website. By being a musician, working in the music & entertainment industry, and earning an MBA in e-Business, I have gained experience in website creation/maintenance and social media marketing, I thought that it would be the perfect way for me to help the Democrats. I was asked to add events to the website calendar and write occasional blog posts. Around June or July, former Chairman Bob Peickert was looking for someone to run social media during the mid-term election. To make a long story short, I was asked to manage social media during the 2018 campaign.
One of my proudest moments in my life was when I read the headline on the Naperville Sun/Chicago Tribune website, “Dems Shake Up GOP Stronghold in DuPage By Making History with Election of County Clerk, County Board Members,” and then read in the article, “Jim Ruhl, chairman of the Naperville Township Republican Organization, said what the Democratic Party did well was targeting young voters directly or via social media.” I was so happy and so proud to be a part of such a historical moment in county government. It was a lot of long hours and sleepless nights, but it was well worth it.
I continue to manage the DuPage Democrats’ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, as well as help to do work on the website. I recently volunteered to be a precinct committeeperson and have been busy collecting signatures to get Democrats on the ballot in 2020. I’m appointed to Downers Grove – Precinct 2, where I live, and I will be on the ballot myself to be an Elected Precinct Committeeperson on March 17, 2020.

Here’s her take on guns.

These anti-gunners like Mary don’t give a rat’s ass about people’s lives. They want control. That’s itS It’s beyond sick that she turns the Waukesha attack into something to do with revenge on the Rittenhouse verdict AND SHE CONDONES IT (“Karma”).


And she thinks she’s the victim.

People like her are a cancer on our nation and humanity as a whole. It’s a sickness that has no political solution. They want people that don’t think like them dead, plain and simple.


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