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Here come the Democrats to silence us all!!! One good example

Gotta love this!

Not just any Democrat though. Through a little bit of research.....

She’s the elected Dem Committee Officer for her precinct:

Oh, and parents in the area that aren’t Democrats, watch out! She might still be a teacher! From 2014, so not confirmed if she’s still teaching now:

The first thing you notice when you approach a pen of hungry alpacas is a low keening hum, barely audible. At first you think you’re imagining it, but then as you get closer to the pack, you realize it’s coming from the group of shaggy animals staring at you out of the largest and blackest eyes you’ve ever seen.
Allison Moss-Fritch, who has been breeding alpacas for the past ten years and owns New Moon Alpacas, calls it moaning, but to me, it is more of a mournful keening sound, kind of like birds warbling, but without the breaks that make up a true warble. It’s really a beautiful sound coming from a beautiful animal.

blah blah blah further in:

Moss-Fritch’s background is in law. She’s a retired California attorney, law instructor, and juvenile court judge. Today she substitute teaches for the Elma School District. She has three grown daughters and has raised nine foster kids over the years.


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