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Hey Moms Demand Action, regarding civilian owned “nukes”......

Updated: May 21, 2020

You know the line: “Civilians shouldn’t be able to own mass destruction weapons like AR-15’s. I mean the 2nd amendment doesn’t cover nuclear bombs.” Well ladies (and “gentlemen”), time to get riled up and protest. From Popular Mechanics:

What would happen if everyone in the world had access to nuclear reactor blueprints? We’re about to find out. A mechanical engineer-turned-tech entrepreneur has plans to, well, empower people around the world to build their own 100-megawatt nuclear power reactors. That’s much larger than some of the modular reactors designed by nuclear startups, but still much smaller than operating nuclear power plants in the U.S.
The Energy Impact Center (EIC) is an energy nonprofit that engineer Bret Kugelmass founded in 2017. The organization’s goals are similar to other groups working toward carbon neutrality or negativity, except Kugelmass has decided “cheap nuclear” is the only avenue he wants to pursue. By doing that, he’s essentially operating a startup model, and for his technology to take hold, a new paradigm for nuclear power plants will have to be installed.
“Today, we offer reference plant schematics and a platform to compile ongoing design work. With the help of our partners and the National Labs, these drawings will evolve into a fully detailed, ready-to-build blueprint,” the project website says. It seems like EIC exists to feed new technology into the nuclear startup development pipeline, with the lampshade that nuclear is considered a cleaner power source in the carbon interregnum.

How awesome is that?!?!?!? All of us wacky “gun nuts” can get the plans to build a nuclear reactor and build our own Iron Man suits! “Who needs an AR-15“ is right!! I’ll take a nuclear powered bullet proof suit that shoots lasers any day for home defense (and it may become a reality that anyone has access to via public blueprints).

So to all of you civilian disarmament supporters, might be time to divert your energy and DEMAND ACTION to stop these blueprints from becoming public. Don’t want Bubba making an Iron Man suit, right? Make those calls to legislators and flood state capitols to say “No” to civilian Iron Man!


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