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How to play “detective” and get questions answered

Updated: May 20, 2020

Being observant sometimes has its benefits. An example is here:

Ok, 12th & Grant checks out for that building location:

Next, any nearby hospitals?

Now the questions: If they’re so busy (which no doubt some hospitals in major cities are), why are they out interfering in a political protest? Also, if they are from that hospital (which would be the nearest one), why are they in their work scrubs? Do they represent the hospital itself? And finally, why are they wearing possibly contaminated scrubs out in the public (way to go, assholes)? They were just caring for COVID patients, right?

Also, conveniently left out of those tweets looking to shame the pro-freedom/anti-lockdown protestors in the cars is photos/video of the scrubbed protesters completely blocking traffic (as if a pedestrian hit by an automobile for a reckless stunt wouldn’t add to the stress of the hospital?!?!?!! ). No Wonder they were getting yelled at (statist propaganda claim in 2nd tweet debunked. They caused it):

As someone who is also on the “front lines” in all of this as well, healthcare workers should stick to their job (they were doing their job before this whole mess btw) and stop using it as an excuse to make a scene for political purposes (why go to the protest to begin with in your scrubs?). And unless these two are in the same household, nice “social distancing” outside of the workplace......

And just who are the people cheering this on? Sure as hell not red blooded American patriots. Self admitted socialists are (red rose and all):

Yeah, it’s all “for our safety”. Sure.

To close, going back to the first image/tweet:

Watts loves her partisan propaganda and fails to show the whole picture.


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