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I like big guns, and I cannot lie...

I never thought in a million years... or at least in my 29 (+6) years of living on this earth, that I would ever have to defend my choice of why I carry a firearm. You'd think that with being a woman, an upstanding individual, or a mother of a young child, that people would just "get it."

Well, enter the new age ideology of "Gun Sense."

Gun Sense, per the definition given by the Gun Control advocacy groups, Everytown & Moms Demand, "is the simple idea that we can do much more to keep our families and communities safe from gun violence. It's the belief that we, as Americans, don't have to tolerate 31,000 deaths from gun violence every single year." (I'd fact check that before believing it, FYI)

Hmmmm... Amazingly enough, I can agree with those statements, but all of my life I've called it COMMON SENSE. As a law abiding individual, that chooses to carry a weapon for self defense, as well as have taken the time to be educated on the responsibility of owning one... Ummm... I've never had any problems. I don't know where the confusion has come from. Nowadays, I'm considered a monster of sorts. One that sits at home, watching movies about death, polishing my guns, while my toddler uses an AR bullet for teething. (Say that line there in the most redneck voice you can conjure, and it will give it a deeper effect as to how these Gun Grabber Groups view us Gun Folk.)

You see... that imagery is so far from the truth.

I can't help but laugh at "Gun Sensers" for their ignorance on the matter. In reality, my guns rarely leave their designated area of rest... a.k.a.... their "Safe Space," except for when I carry them. Is there a chance in the future, that my son will stumble upon them? Of course... but AS A PARENT and RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNER, it's up to ME to make sure that my son is just as educated as I am on the dangers associated with them. Just the same as I will teach him about not touching a hot burner on the stove, not pulling on the tv, staying in the yard and away from the busy street, and NOT RUNNING WITH SCISSORS! I mean... come on y'all. "Gun Sense" like "Hot Burner Sense," or "Running With Scissors Sense," is not something that you're born with. Like many other dangers in this world, the key to avoidance- and establishing responsibility, safety and accountability associated with owning anything that could potentially harm you or someone else- is EDUCATION.

This Education comes from outside of the home, just as much as it does from inside. Knowing the potential dangers of firearms, or anything considered a weapon, when they're in the hands of someone irresponsible and uneducated is so important in regards to how we live within our society. Being aware of ourselves, as well as our surroundings, keeps us safe from potential hazards and accidents. This is just COMMON SENSE. We cannot always depict what someone else is going to do, so having a base of knowledge in regards to any situation at hand is imperative for us to... well... live. If you're in a position to where you have to walk across a busy street, you know that you have to look both ways and be aware of what's happening. If not, you could possibly be hurt or die at the hands of someone else's ignorance vs. your own.

THIS IS LIFE!!! Little lessons behind every corner. Gun violence, yes, is a mess of a situation, but there are no amount of laws or gun buy backs that are going to rid us of such atrocities like Mass Shootings until we are able to guarantee that people in general are willing to follow laws. That's the actuality of everything, and unfortunately, NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Humans are not robots. We're not programmed from birth to immediately follow the rules. Some of us, fortunately, have had parents or some guardian take the time to instill an understanding of what's expected of us. Many others... not so much. Those are the ones you have to worry about. As a society, instead of condemning those who follow the rules, we need to focus on where we dropped the ball in getting the point across to those who don't. Honestly, the way our society views one form of death, such as from being shot, as more horrendous than that of an abortion... it really goes to show you that we have our priorities screwed up. Just sayin...

With all that said, I am a woman... a wife... a mother... a daughter... a friend... and because of those things, I CARRY. My safety and well being, as well as that of my family's, is priority #1 in my life. I will do what I have to, to make sure it stays that way. #ShallNotBeInfringed

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