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If it saves just one life...

Updated: May 20, 2020

Social media provides an interesting glimpse into people’s reality.


     It has created a culture of people who are self-proclaimed “experts” on everything from what color someone should paint their walls, to science and law.  With so many people forcefully required to be temporarily unemployed and prisoners in their homes due to the apparent pandemic crisis, these “experts” have reached a next level virtue signaling. 


     The government has completely overstepped constitutional boundaries; and even worse, millions of people have not only willingly accepted this oppressive control under the guise of public safety, they have become convinced it is within their rights to lecture on how others NEED to be living their lives for the greater good.  Aided by the politicized pandemic, American society has quickly demonstrated an increasing extreme partisanship unlike we have ever seen before.  A quick review of most social media platforms shows this ad nauseam.  Interestingly however, the judgmental lectures come from liberals and conservatives alike, but from different angles.  Often though, without any political biasing, social media allows for an in-depth glimpse into the human psyche. A great example of this behavior is summed up in this simple comment on a social media post about wearing masks in public:


“Why not wear a mask... if you save grandma or grandpa it’s worth doing. It costs nothing this isn’t in line with your values. Imagine if your post could save 2 woman from domestic violence would you?”

    Now, for those of you who may not be aware, I am the founder of a nonprofit organization that educates and advocates for women’s rights of self-defense, as well as being a second amendment/civil rights advocate. Even after following my social media for quite some time, this commenter has clearly missed something.  While most would be content using the adage “false equivalence”, I choose to look more in-depth into these comments.  What I discovered was that, in addition to being experts on a range of topics, many people are also projecting themselves as “experts” on other’s personal values.

In the above example, it is painfully clear that the commenter is completely ignorant about said topic.

     With social media bringing out both the best and worst of people, I still struggle with the ill-logic and the “arm chair quarterbacks” who insert themselves into discussion they clearly have no insight into.  Although I support anyone to express their opinion, I am also free to question them.  In this particular example, our fearless and omnipotent commenter decided to “go big” in his response.  Not being one who shies away from also providing my opinion, I felt that this level of ignorance must be addressed.  The below response is what I provided regarding clarification of MY values, my experiences, the scope of my advocacy and my stance on Americans human rights guaranteed by our Constitution:


A:  It’s none of your business. 


B:  Comparing DV to wearing a mask is demeaning to abuse victims. My goal is to educate and encourage people to make conscious decisions about their own safety; not to impose my personal opinion and will upon another. I hope they listen, learn and make the choice to want to defend their life; however, it is not my place to force them to do anything.  Ironically, what you suggest is exactly what abusers do.


C:  If someone is worried about getting sick, they can make a decision to stay home, or wear whatever PPE they feel is necessary for them to stay safe.

D:  The overwhelming majority of people I’ve come across not wearing masks, wanting salon/spa services, out shopping and enjoying life are “grandmas and grandpas”.  I’ve asked a few on them about it. Their response: “ya’ gotta’ go sometime!” and/or “I’ve lived through worse than this.”


E:  Why don’t you turn in any firearms or other tools that can be used to harm people? If turning in your firearm saves just one life, isn’t it worth it? After all, that’s what Everytown and Mom’s Demand say to justify taking away your liberties.


F:  Lastly “How many people have to die before I submit and surrender my liberties, hand over my guns, wear a mask, and kneel to government control?  My response: ALL OF THEM. EVERY SINGLE PERSON.


---And now I say to you Good Day.


     There is absolutely no justification for the government, or any individual to impose their will on another human being. We literally fought a war and created this very country over it. Yet, here we are today.  This simple comment is a sad, frightening example of how far we have strayed from the fundamental principles The United States was founded on.  Why don’t the self-proclaimed “experts” see this each time they start tapping away on a keyboard?  Why don’t they choose to engage in civil discourse instead of asserting their opinion on each and every topic?  While I am rather well versed in matters regarding Domestic Violence, I am no expert.  The same goes with the Constitution and the ideals of the Founding Fathers.  However, I choose to remain both inquisitive and able to consider different opinions, facts or perspectives.  One thing though is truly clear; 


If American citizens don’t wake up and realize very soon what is happening, we will be saying goodbye to all of our the name of “The Greater Good”.

Kerry Slone


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