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IL politician breaks gun laws and charges get dropped

Back in November, Mom-At-Arms helped publicize this story:

State Rep. Curtis Tarver II (D-Chicago) was arrested Monday night in the Woodlawn section of Chicago and charged with carrying a weapon with an invalid concealed carry license (CCL), according to Chicago police.

Well, charges are dropped:

A misdemeanor gun charge against a South Side state representative has been dropped because prosecutors did not have enough evidence to continue with the case.
Curtis Tarver II, D-25th, was charged in November with failing to surrender a concealed carry license when officers found him with a gun during a Woodlawn traffic stop.
The charge was dropped Aug. 4., as first reported by Politico.
Tarver said in November the charge stemmed from a “clerical error” by the police.
“After a review, we concluded that the evidence was insufficient to meet our burden of proof to move forward with the prosecution,” Cook County state’s attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said in an emailed statement.

Reminder that this is what he did to people pressing him on breaking laws that he supported (he didn’t like our article apparently lol):

Rep. Tarver is now suing the Chicago Police over the whole ordeal, which stemmed from a “clerical error”. Maybe Rep. Tarver should also sue the state police over it. Hell, that clerical error has to be tied in to the lack of staff and ineptness due to not using the funds allocated to the State Police Firearms Services Bureau (which we exposed in December of 2019). We even tried to make it point to throw him a bone over it.

Thanks Rhonda :)


Aug 21, 2020

Yes, that’s apparently what happened, yet he’s for making the FOID more of a pain in the ass


Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Aug 20, 2020

Could it be possible that the "clerical error" was that his gun license was perfectly up to date, but the state records failed to reflect it?

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