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Illinois: draconian FOID card bill (SB1966) assigned to committee (also, a State Police FOIA)

Updated: May 21, 2020

Well, it looks like the Illinois Democrats are starting to make their move to make SB1966 law. Per the ISRA today:

Let’s not forget WHY this bill (increases FOID card costs and makes fingerprints mandatory one order to legally own a firearm) is not necessary and purely to harass/extort legal gun owners.

This garbage bill exists due to the Aurora, IL Henry Pratt shooting which occurred in February of last year due to a convicted felon falling through the cracks and being able to get a FOID card and purchase a handgun. All of the failures on behalf of the State/local police and legislators that are a factor in that shooting can be found here. If those weren’t enough, funds meant to facilitate the FOID program were not used properly, which we exposed on 12/2/19 here and 8 days later by the ISRA here. If that wasn’t enough, legislators and the Illinois State Police were deceiving during a testimony in which they stated the Firearms Services Bureau was broke (even though they approved the fund transfers by not saying “we need that money”). That info can be seen here. Further, due to the exposure of the FOID funds not being used and the fund sweeps, there is now a federal lawsuit filed against the the Illinois State Police regarding their handling of FOID card processing.

There is NO NEED for SB1966. It‘s just an attempt by anti-gun legislators to harass gun owners and for the State Police to try and get more control and money they don’t need). Matter of fact, here. Obtained via FOIA, here’s the entire policy and procedures manual and directives for the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau regarding FOID card and conceal & carry processing (start on page 55). Enjoy.

Update 3/4:

Perhaps the IL GOP can provide (or review) the above linked manual and also use to to clamp down on


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